How do you treat sadness/negative feelings?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by incrededibles, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. This might sound like another “poor me I need advice” thread but I don’t think of it that way. I’m genuinely curious.

    Today I meditated and kept myself busy by cooking.

    Do you smoke weed to ease sadness?

    Do you complain?

    Do you face it head on?

    Do you look for distraction?

    Do you consider yourself too busy to get lost in emotion?

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  2. Drugs and alcohol.
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  3. I put a bit more hash on top of my cannabis, and force myself to do something that will have a visible and positive outcome. An accomplishment plus the extra hash help me to muddle on through the sense of depression. Exercise helps by releasing more of your body's own endocannabinoids, 2-AG and Anandamide. :rave-girl:

    I also remind myself that it is just my bipolar Mom's biochemistry saying "Hi!" (although it's fun when I go "mildly manic"! :jump:), a temporary insanity that will soon pass.

    Granny :wave:
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  4. I just kind of live in it. All of this is part of the experience, we don't get to pick and choose. Our choice is to experience it, or fight it, and if you live your life fighting yourself, it's probably not going to work out to well.
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  5. I put my mind on other things.
  6. I normally keep to myself honestly but I’m really a peoples person. I guess I stay to myself to keep things peaceful. I feel like I try to avoid rude mean people and drama. Negative energy from being in a big city can be overwhelming sometimes. I guess you can say I practice avoidance, i block out those situations by creating a comfortable peaceful environment in my home. But in a way to don’t practice avoidance because I send positive energy everywhere I go by helping and smiling at everyone. The power of a smile is amazing! Smoking is a relaxing thing to do but it shouldn’t be a crutch. Back to the topic let me answer the questions in order.

    No. complaining to me is repeating the problem mentally without trying to figure out a solution.
    Yes, but timing is key spare heading is good but sometimes time is necessary to ease tensions.

    Yes I do distract myself if you call it that but do productive things like clean or learn

    I think emotions is a decision that we have control over but sometimes we can let the situation take charge.

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  7. Tell it to fuck off, don't dwell on it, and smoke some ganja til I realize it's not worth feeling about lol
  8. I’m getting better at that first part. It’s hard for me though. I’m starting to think I grew up quite petty
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  9. No you turn petty in your 20s. Life is a depressed mess if you make it, but to cure your feelings about the things that are serious and unfortunate, depending on your will power some things you can never get over.
    For example some people can get over close bereavement where as some can't, some people can't that much that they.. I'm sure you can finish the sentence with a thousand different ways.

    I'm a sufferer from ADHD and stuff really really haunts me. Yet I can't get no help from the doctors because I smoke a bit blow..
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  10. There’s a falling out that haunts me everyday. It feels as if it’s fading though. I start to think about how things could be so much worse. I have a lot to lose. When I feel close to somebody it’s intense. I love my family more than I do myself. I believe I have a lot of willpower, I just don’t know if I have what it takes to make life about myself. It would be nice if things could feel a bit less heavy...
  11. I channel all of my sadness and pain into a useful creative energy. I make music as an outlet so that is how I treat most of the sadness or stresses of life. Distracting yourself from depression only prolongs it or makes it worse though. Smoking weed is just something to do on the side for entertainment but if you're going through serious depression I would recommend not smoking and finding good company to hang with. This is all opinion though.
  12. I use them. Anger for example I use to ride harder on the job.
    When I'm playing the guitar I think of hot women I couldn't bang.
    And alcohol of course.
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  13. I didn’t need to read this high lol
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  14. As long as you get out of bed every day and set goals you'll be alright. By all means smoke weed but if you are sleeping all day and not setting any goals it's way easier to slip into a depression or sadness.
  15. I think it’s really important to have a supportive circle and it’s it’s important for you to be apart of it. Just an epiphany..... just was cooking for the first time in awhile, I inspired to be a chef about a year ago because I loved cooking and food but stopped cooking for a long time because my girlfriend complained about everything so I just left it alone, and decided to cook today and she ask me did I season it? I was like of course why would you ask? And it turned into a big thing. Something that I enjoyed turned into just satisfying her. It took the love of cooking away from me. Suggesting help tenfold but it’s a different between helping and deterring

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  16. Forgive and Love self.
    These 2 important factors help you let go of things that weigh you down and no longer serve you.

    Why hold onto suffering if it makes you suffer?
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  17. Sounds like you will always be satisfying her....

    I used to be like that, complain about dumb shit. I just wasn’t happy cause he wasn’t giving me the physical attention I needed and wanted.

    My suggestion is to fuck her like you love her. Then you can cook her anything... watch how that attitude changes up when she’s physically satisfied.

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  18. Practice mindfulness

    Breathing techniques..bring yourself into the now.

    Yoga and BJJ.

    I'm COMPLETELY sober and I feel great...and it will get even even better. I smoked everyday from 16 to 21 , joined the Army for 14 yrs, smoked at least a quarter and a gram of live resin every 2 day after the Army....from 2013 until just recently I quit cold Turkey on the 1st...I'm over it. I will take a urinalysis at the VA on my 40th bday next month..I hope to be clean by then.

    I'm straight edge now....I'm still a huge supporter of mmj...just was using it to cover up what issues I had...i dont need it.
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  19. Count your blessings. You have much more than you realize.
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    Drug free hippies are the worse but hey, Whatever floats ur boat man.
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