How Do You Travel With Weed When Going On Vacation

Discussion in 'General' started by roemoe50, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. I  drive  to Orlando every summer. The best way I have seen to travel with an oz or more is to buy a big thing of peanut butter carefully remove the seal. Take your oz triple bag it, stuff it in the jar of peanut butter. Now once the oz is completely in hit the peanut butter on the table a few times and you cant even tell its in there!!! Now take some super glue carefully put the seal back on the peanut butter, let it dry. screw the top back on the peanut butter. I usually have about 4 bags of groceries with me so a cop wouldn't just pick up the peanut butter.

  2. I just put it in a jar and put it in a suitcase. If you don't speed and don't act sketchy you'll be okay.
  3. Dude, nice. Show them cops we're smarter than they think. Just drive the speed limit and check your lights on the front and back of your car. They'll pull you over for a headlight that's out. Goodluck and have fun.
  4. what if you get pulled over by some dick cop? I know if you don't give them a reason they should go snooping. I would just be noid!! and while I say this I have never been pulled over going down there in the last 6 years. 
  5. True Idk if you are traveling all highway you shouldn't have a problem if you don't speed but if I was bringing more than oz I would take extra precautionary measures. Transport a lb in a shit load of peanut butter jars. :laughing:
  6. I have heard of this being a great method to use haha. Not just for traveling but I know somebody who got shipments in the mail just like that. Anyways I wish I could travel more b/c not traveling sucks!! Do you keep a personal stash on you for the ride down or do you just wing it sober the whole way?
  7. I don't smoke on the way down there

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