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how do you toke - fast or slow?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Xavior, Apr 12, 2003.



  1. i like da yellow shit

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  2. smooth white

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  3. dont give a shit

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  4. shatangolatte

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  1. Me and my friends like to do some killer ones in a water bong where u light it and inhaled really slow till the tube is completely filled with THICK YELLOW SMOKE. man that stuff fucking kills u - nobody could take it unless you lungs are made of stone!

    So anyways - how do the rest of you do it? the yellow smoke screws u up so much but it hurts and that can mess up the high. sometimes its better to take it slow, depends how quick u wanna get fucked.
  2. i can fill my four footer with yellow smoke and clear it! i like to smoke fast i got so much it dont matter
  3. UMM i have been smokin for a long enough time to know something about something but i have never had yellow smoke? how do you get that ? i have had dark grey smoke b/c there was so much but never yellow

    Maybe i just suck

  4. me neither i never got yellow smoke neither.....
  5. i know of a technique of loading a rocket/lung so as to get multicoloured smoke... i'm talking pinkish purples even!
  6. i smoke hard the first couple of J's to get to the zone. thereafter i chill it, so as to not get overstoned. i usually fall to sleep when uber-blazed, so i avoid it, unless i got a lot of coffee in my tummy that is :)
  7. my bong smoke looks yellow if i haven't cleaned my bong for aaages ;)

    you've got to rip it nice and fast - take it *all* with a huge spasm of confidence... there can't be more THC in a slowly-smoked tube than a fast one...(?!)

  8. Bluntsmoker420 - smokin&tokin, u pretty much hafta have a a tube bong. like Noah! god damn, for feet of yellow smoke would kill me. i guess u could do it with other types of smokin stuff, but it has to have a large capacity - and its all about how slowly u pull the air through. u hafta balance it so it stays lit but still pulls smoke. i only have a 1&1/2 tube and that can finish a full bowl in one or two tries. its like supersmokin.

    zylark - yeh i have that problem too...its a pain in the ass. u just get so high u cant even move. hahaha

    henrx - its a matter of concentration of smoke. thats why it gets yellow- parts per million and all that science crap.
  9. well.... im only 18, and i can fill up a big ass milk gallon jug with straight thick yellow schmoke, n clear it. I just have iron lungs. Ever take a rip so big u almost or have puked off of it? Well i learned how to like... squeeze my stomach to stop that from happening.... hehe... i like to experiment with my weed smokage
  10. blunts - toke slow

    bowls - RIP DAT SHIET!! :)
  11. only time i have ever seen yellow smoke was in a home made gravity bong :)

  12. hell yeah, if its a pipe or anything else im goin fast, but something you gotta roll up i just chill out and puff thatshit
  13. I have taken such a huge hit that I almost puked. I don't know how I didn't. But I thought that I was gonna die. I was pretty fucked up tho.
  14. i got iron lungs. the trick to thick yellow smoke is to take it as fast as possible and swallow right after the hit. and be sure to let it out slowly or else your nose will burn like hell. i h8 that
  15. yeh, i guess if you take the bong in one as fast as you can the smoke won't get too condensed... not seem yellow etc....

    dunno really, only time my smoke's looked yellow is when my bong's dirty ;)
  16. slow and white, never had yellow before

  17. easy.... get dry weed......break it up real nice.....pack gently into slide....... milk.......milk.....milk.....kick the bowl in 1 hit even........the smoke gets so thick in one contained space that it becomes yellow, just don't take too long milking your hit, otherwise the smoke becomes stale nasty and harsh.......deadly bong hit have something to drink prepared....... have fun...
  18. toke it fast, toke it slow
    toke it any way you know

    lets all get good'n'high
    blazing inside or in the sun
    my name is zy'
    ready for some fun

    toke it fast, toke it slow
    toke it any way you know

    my day is good askew
    my j is pure killer chronic
    i'm borne anew
    my brain just went click

    toke it fast, toke it slow
    toke it any way you know

    hell yeah!
  19. The first time I smoked I was with people who hit it hard so I did too to get my fair share off the blunt or pipe and pretty much do the same thing with bongs. I usually build them with lots of water and little air chamber and suck hard then hold my breath. I can hold my breath between 1 minute and a half to 2 minutes on clean air, a little less with smokey air.
  20. I used to be really impatient when I smoked, but when I started smoking a lot with some old friends, I sort of took on their habits- one of which was to take your time and enjoy the weed. It kind of bothers my other friends when I sit there with weed in my hand, which I understand, but as long as it's my weed, I'll do whatever I wish with it :)

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