How do you think the world will end?

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    Whether you are religious or not you know the world eventually will end, but how do you think it will happen. Do you think it'll be in a rapture? or a natural disaster? or the cause of man? or what?

    How long do you think we have?
  2. Hopefully zombies.

    Or kool-aid all around;)
  3. I truley think that the world will one day be destroyed by some happening in space.
    There are so many small things that can go wrong in space that can cause us all to become extinct.

    Asteriods, X-ray exposure from black holes, earth can spin off its axis, space bacteria being brought to earth...etc...etc..
  4. Damnit I spelled volcano wrong.
  5. To be honest I think it will be, in a way, all three.

    There is bound to be some sort of natural disaster, be it in form of giant earthquakes, flooding, freezing , cosmological event, etc., that will be big enough to wipe out all of mankind. However, when that does happen, we will have only ourselves to blame because we don't have the capacity that we could have to stop them because most people still have not figured out that we are ONE, and that maybe instead of killing ourselves we could be working together for the better of the human race. This brings me to the third option, which is the Divine apocalypse, because part of the reason that we might not survive such a disaster is because, get ready for this, some people are looking forward to it! :yay: When the time comes to prevent such a disaster, some people might choose not too because they will see it as the end of days, and a chance to finally be with god.

    So, when it comes to the end of the world, it's going to be a triple play. We don't stand a chance.

    Thank god us stoners have the herb to help us deal when such events take place. :smoke:
  6. I chose other, because I'm undecided i guess, there is so many possibilities, pretty much infinite.

    I'm thinking more towards the tangible future, i would say the world that we know will end, and a new more controlled (illuminati) world will be created. Our world were be over, and theirs totaly intact, if the world was to end.

    Nuclear holocaust is another plausible end, chain reaction of countries retaliating due to alliance systems.

    Like someone posted before, space is another possibility, asteroids, meteorites, black hole, supernovas, "aliens," etc.

    I personally don't believe the "Creator" or what ever it is would interfere with what goes on in earth, that is just too simple, and easy end.

    I'm gonna go with humans or a natural event extincting us.
  7. It depends, how do you define the world?

    Human civilization? Western Society? The biosphere? The planet?

    I need a distinction if you want me to speculate.
  8. this .
  9. this.

    and i just wanted to mention that this would be the best way to die imo. the fact that we are all dying together makes me happy for some reason, whereas me dying alone and life for everyone else going on leaves me unsettled
  10. only a big natural disaster like a comet would be able to destroy the entire human population....otherwise there will always be survivors if its due to mankind itself
  11. Chuck Norris is going to chop the earth in half
  12. I think we are in agreement with a divine plan to construct an "end" so we can progress to the next step - which is a beginning
  13. The sun will get so big it will become a red giant and eventually evaporate the earth
  14. um i dont even think its possible for the sun to get bigger

    scientists are saying that the sun is slowly dying out and therefore destroying all life on earth
  15. If its not zombies then I hope its something badass.

    Like genetically altered radioactive giant ants.

  16. I voted being destroyed by ourselves. The way I'm hoping for is a nuclear bomb. I wanna go out sitting next to my girlfriend holding hands and smoking a joint in a park watching the bomb fall and the mushroom going up and being obliterated.
  17. "Evil shall finally prevail over good not when evil overpowers good, but when evil is only met with indifference. This is the way the world with an end: not with a bang, but a whimper."

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