HOW Do You Think The World Will END

Discussion in 'General' started by Darthcilian, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Anything can happen what do you think.
  2. the only way for the world to truly end is if we get hit by a meteor.
  3. Jesus is gonna come back and save all the believers

    Then he's gonna fight the devil or something.

    Idk that's complete bullshit, the world isn't gonna end stop thinking about it
  4. The human existence might come to an end, But the world is still young.
    We might fuck it up for awhile. But not forever.
  5. romney get elected, dies, and paul ryan takes over.
  6. Say something stupid funny

  7. This one is pretty plausible. Also, a planet within our proximity implodes and then the explosion from that might be able to take us out. Also, if sun flares get really out of hand, they might cause some significant damage, however, I don't know if they could destroy earth.
  8. Overpopulation resulting from modern medicine and religious beliefs (thinking contraceptives are evil and all that shit) will lead to extreme rarity of vital resources like fresh water and grain. Tensions will rise quickly between world powers, and we will all kill each other in a global thermonuclear war. The end.
  9. Nuclear Warfare
    Running out of supplies(oil, electricity, food etc.) and we'[ll die because we're so used to an advanced life style
    Or the world would just give up on us and have a twister or even giant flood to take us all out.

  10. i dont think its so much over population as it will be overpopulation of idiots. stupid people out breed smart people. its just a matter of time. in fact i think it is that time. just look at the state of american politics right now....
  11. ... Wow I made a controversial thread
  12. The sun will die eventually. I hope the world lasts several million years more, imagine how for intellegent life could go by then.
  13. any kind of space related thing that could damage earth, asteroid maybe? sun heats up earth to extreme temperatures, ice age

  14. This is the first time you post on one of my threads!
    Btw did you ever find out what that thing was

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