How do you think the DEA court hearing went?

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  1. I think it went well, we are getting much needed notoriety.

    The Judges made a stab at the DEA by saying "wait.. so you don't know about marijuana"

    And The Judges also said, "we're not scientist.. they are (DEA) shouldn't we be referring to them"

    But after the case the judges contacted the vet who was denied treatment by the VA because of his medical marijuana use for additional information, which is a good sign.

    We'll have to just wait a couple months and see though..
  2. A couple months? I really feel like the Feds are gonna delay the shit out of this
  3. the DEA's position on cannabis is pretty clear. as so the aptly named pdf. file:

    although there are some recognitions to american health organizations that express interest and acknowledgement in regards to THC having medicinal value, of course they have to throw a BMA study in there........a country with more bass ackwards cannabis laws than the US.......
  4. well uh...uhm...I believe....uh...hmm...cough cough....uh...well..uh...hmmm, uhh...ya.. that's how it went on the DEA's side of the discussion.

    Their leader is so informed, well educated on the subject and just has a way with words...:rolleyes::p
  5. I bet they'll wait until after the elections and the results for the legalization measures in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado are in. If even one of them passes, then it will force the issue even more which will be great timing for them to make a decision on reclassifying it federally.
  6. What I do not understand is the fact that Federal Marijuana Patients are not enough proof that cannabis should not be schedule 1.

    [ame=]Federal Medical Marijuana Patient Irv Rosenfeld - YouTube[/ame]
  7. all the shops are closing downtown dea visited them in person and warned them to close so now everyone is spooked
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    We knew no decision would be given until after the elections and now I wonder if further developments are in the works,to be launched after the election,,

    This decision would give the politicos a "no blame" out for ending prohibition of hemp,,because even Dupont Chem and the pharmaceutical companies couldn't raise hell if hemp was removed from schedule 1 by a decision in a federal court and not by any political party or even a debate in congress,,,the debate then would be just what schedule to put it in.

    And the government knows that any other schedule that removes their control of what clinical studies can be made on organic marijuana,and using Afghan Kush instead of government dirt weed to do the research with is game over.
  9. so any word on if the judges are leaning towards one decision or another? in all honesty if it gets recheduled i think it will go to schedule III. i mean it is physically addictive but safe. and really all ASA had to do was walk up to the podium and say this one thing: " Currently under federal prohibition of marijuana there are 14 MEDICAL patients for marijuana, who get there pot shipped to them straight from the same people raiding dispensaries and saying this stuff has NO medical value. if that isnt proof enough to reschedule this harmless drug, heres more. the Feds have a PATENT on marijuana and this patent lists more then 5 diseases that marijuana has been known to cure or hinder. if thats not enough to reschedule marijuana then what backwards ass country do we live in?"
    then they should drop the mic and walk away. the DEA would be speechless.

  10. I like everything you said, but I guarantee you that the dea wouldn't be speechless. They would have one of their paid pawns up there repeating "all drugs are bad" like the backwards cult they are.
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  12. We should get granny to go argue for us. And we should all throw down for a book with every article from her list printed

  13. Hell yea, Granny would be a great person to speak against the DEA! She could have the judges' minds made up within the end of the hearing I guarantee it. I love Granny!
  14. forreal shed just hand the judge a list of thousands of links and hed be sitting there going...ohhhh OHHHHH so thats what marijuana is.

    and breathe, im sure the DEA would be in a state of shock. i mean how on earth could they say marijuana has no medicinal value when there are 14 people currently receiving medical marijuana from the feds and they have a patent on marijuanas healing abilities. XD
  15. I really hope that the judge sees the hypocritical in the DEA scheduling marijuana as a schedule one while THC itself is only schedule three. Considering that the other cannabinoids found in MJ mitigate the negative affects of THC making MJ actually safer to use then marinol.

  16. hmm i guess if theres no medical values then this feds are breaking their own law to get high. This video is proof how is this not enoth proof?
  17. You got that backwards..its mentally addictive like so many harmless and legal things. If it were a physical addiction your body would go through physical withdrawals, which would be a bad thing for legalization. Thats what differentiates marijuana from hard drugs, oh and legal ones too, like alcohol and tobacco :confused:

  18. habit =/= addiction
  19. The ONDCP and the rehabilitation center operators have redefined addiction and lowered the bar in order to include marijuana addiction in the same category as alcohol and tobacco and are ,through repetition of propaganda and false science,to make any use of marijuana be considered abuse,,they throw that word around as if to insinuate that marijuana causes that much addiction problems.
    We have all heard the drug czar claim more teens are in rehab than has ever been recorded,,never admitting that 70% of the teens in rehab are there by order of a court or parent,,only appx 10% of the people in rehab for marijuana walked in on their own volition and asked to receive treatment.

    According to the NIDA,,the go to statistics for the drug czar,,marijuana has the same addiction level as caffiene,,with slightly less severe withdrawel symptoms.

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