how do you test ph

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  1. how do you check the ph level in your soil ?:confused:
  2. You need a decent digital pH probe, and you test the runoff out the bottom of the pot after you water.
  3. I have only been doing the water in, not the water out.

    Am I looking for 6.5 out its way out?

    Should i change the water ph to achieve this or add something to the soil instead?
  4. either or... tho adding powdered lime at a whim to fix a low pH could be a bad idea... i've got a general idea of how much to put to fix certain pH problems, but i wouldn't expect somebody not used to dealing with it to add a proper amount to the soil to fix it... so dilute with water about 1.0 above or below depending what you're trying to do, and give it a nice flush with it...

    note that changing a soil pH takes time... you can't just dump some lime in and expect everything to be perfect from then on out... it'll take about a month to correct...
  5. alright thanks ima do that.:wave:

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