How do you tell your parents you smoke?

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  1. So I really just hate hiding my hobby so how do I let them know I smoke. I graduated high school first one in my family and have a good job so they can't say it makes you a no life.
  2. wait till they find out.. there's no need telling them.. it just makes for unwanted drama.
  3. My mom knew before I told her, but when I was 18 I asked her if she thought it would be a good idea for me to get my 'green card' so I could smoke legally and she agreed and that was pretty much it.

    And when I was 17 my friend was sitting by my while I was on the phone with my dad and he's like "hey lemme talk to your dad for a sec"
    So I give him the phone and he's like
    "can we smoke you a bowl sometime?"

    The next weekend we were blazing down with my dad.
  4. Just be more open about it like not all sketchy and suspicious. Your parents will realize it sooner or later and if they bring it up, be honest about it. If they don't, I'd say you are in the clear.
  5. My parents knew before I made it obvious, now I just leave my bong out on my computer desk in my room.
  6. I hinted I was curious in trying marijuana..

    So we talked about it a bit..

    Then I just did the normal thing and snuck around till I got caught but fuck yeah for Open Minded parents
  7. Show them a pro marijuana documentary like 'The Union', or something.
  8. I remember when my mom caught me smoking it....she got really mad, but it ended up me blazing with my step-dad the very same night, and now i'm 18 and my mom doesn't give a fuck. sometimes she'll give me free money just to get weed. it's pretty awesome.

    so i'd say be honest i guess. like my story, they may get mad, but then they'll probably realize there's worse things you could be doing...
  9. Did he do the same to his parents or did he just try to betray u
  10. i'd just tell her how you feel. tell her that you smoke and that you felt a little wierd about telling her, but you wanna be open with her, so you're telling her. even if she doesnt like the fact that you smoke, she will likely appreciate the fact that you dont wanna hide anything from her.
  11. You can just blaze up in your room....if they say anything , then you talk. If not, your all good my friend. Lol. Fuck goin outside. Haha. But open window and try to hide smell. Candles, plug ins ,wax warmers , insence (spelling error. Things you lite and they burn for 20 min). You never kno til you try. Hell they prob do the toking or did in the past. Unless you have hard ass parents. Shit I been done some with damn near my whole fam. All IMO.

  12. Let them 'accidentally' catch you ;)
  13. my mum said "are you smoking more than ciggis" and i went "yeah sometimes" as i stuffed my fucking face with a huge sandwich and cereal with eyes as red as darth mauls bellend, thats how i told mine lol
  14. Haha, omg :L

  15. my mums actually pretty cool, after that she let me and a few close friends smoke in my room n the garden instead of round the streets n shit, one time 4 of my mates woke me up at like 9-10am - just burst in my room like "GET THE FUCK UP WE'RE GOING TOWN" but instead we sat there, rolled a couple joints and the next thing you know my mums knocking on the door with a tray of tea and bacon sarnies because she could smell the bud hahaha shes actually quality!
  16. Wish my parents were like that :'), my dad lets me smoke in my room, but my mum wouldn't :(

  17. say its shisha? lool my dad fucking hates it but luckily i dont live with him haha i smoke a 1 skin out his bath room window once at like 3am n he didnt speak 2 me for like a month lmaoo
  18. Lmao :')
  19. My dad started punching me in the head and said "I have no son, get out, you no longer live here" then proceeded to chase me around the house with a kitchen knife which I had to wrestle away. I've been on my own since. I'm jealous of your guises parents.

    Omega369 :wave:
  20. just roll up to your house and...

    [ame=]Hey Hey Hey Hey Smoke Weed Everyday - YouTube[/ame]

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