How do you tell your parents you smoke?

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  1. Basically, I'm a 18 year old black Muslim who lives in London and I wanted to ask you guys if there is anyone else who has the same religious beliefs as me but told their parents they smoke marijuana. If so how did you do it? What were their reaction like and do you think I should keep it still hidden after 2-3 years of smoking? It obviously is not damaging for me but my parents have strong beliefs which do not allow me to smoke marijuana. It would really help me if someone could give me any advice at all. Thanks.
  2. Edit: I'm sure the race didn't matter but just added on it anyway.
  3. Don't fucking tell them
  4. My mom was like. Do you smoke now and I was like nahh. Month later. Do you smoke? I was like yeah. Then we went to get dinner
  5. TheCrunge - yeah I probably am not.
  6. yeah you're kinda caught in a bind if it's their religious beliefs that you're talking about (that wasn't very clear in the first post). Either way you're an adult and able to make your own decisions. Tell them, they'll be happy you were honest regardless of how they feel about the pot. If they disagree with it try to convince them that it's relatively harmless and can actually benefit a lot of people. If that doesn't work then you're just right back in the same place you are now.
  7. If they're close minded ,don't bother telling them. Just gives them another reason for constant and pointless nagging.
  8. Just light up at the dinner table like I did this past Thanksgiving. My grandmother fainted.
  9. Tricky. If what matters is that they know and you feel free to be yourself - tell them straight. Whatever happens, you'll no longer be in a dilemma about how to tell them.
  10. Just tell them, it would be much worse if they somehow found out by themselves.

    Im not muslim but i told my parents(Christians), nothing really came of it(unlike my friends who get to smoke inside:(), but i know things would have sucked if they found out by themselves.

    They cant really come out swinging if you step up and bring it to them, catching them unaware. They will probably respect your honesty, because if they don't they know you will probably never tell them anything important ever again.
  11. I think my parents kinda assume I do at this point...but we don't talk about it. Theoretically it would be nice to be open about it, but that's not possible right now really, given the legality of it. I mean, I could, but it would likely have negative results.

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