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How do you tell if your weed is dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BakedMunky2821, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. What do ya look at.
  2. Crystals.

    Hairs and color doesn't mean a thing.
  3. You have to ask it, point blank "are you dank?" If it says no, it's lying and it is dank, if it says yes, then it's lying again, and it isn't dank.
  4. ^either way, if it answers you its dank.
  5. i call my weeds doctor and ask.
  6. If you look at it and go "daammmnn this is DANK" or if you smell it and it makes you say "daammmmmm this is DANK" or if you break it up and it gets stuck to your fingers so it makes you say "daaaammmnnn this is DANK" and the last test is if you smoke it and the high makes you say "daaammmnnn that was some DANK" and to put icing on the cake, you get on GC and let us know it was some dank.
  7. Soo i Just smk it and c
  8. Smoke it and see.
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    Dank bud is:
    • Squishy and sticky when you squeeze it
    • smells fresh not dusty or moldy
    • Hits smooth and doesn't hurt your throat
    • Pleases your senses when you exhale the smoke out of your nose
    • Doesn't give you a headache
    • Gives you a good high
  10. if 10 minutes goes by and all of a sudden your baked...
  11. If you can't feel your legs you know your on some dank bud.
  12. Yeahh its dank i took 1 hit cuz ima noob but its sum super shit.
  13. If your wondering if your weed is dank or not then it's probably not. If you really have dank, you'll know it by the overpowering smell
  14. Yeah i think its ak47
  15. When you can smell it before he even opens the door. And/or it sticks to your fingers!:D No, it comes down to what you like. But I'm serious on the smell and stickiness.
  16. If you like that, then you need to try some White Russian (AK-47 X White Widow)
  17. #17 Chi11um, Mar 28, 2011
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    Haha I agree :)

  18. just wanted to add a little to it! :smoke:

  19. Pics or it didn't happen.
  20. Yeahh ill put sum pics on here but im tryin to figure out wat it is im thinking og kush or ak47 but firat let me start up my computer and ill post sum pics

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