How do you tell if someone is on coke?

Discussion in 'General' started by DISRUPT, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. the title says it all...ive never done coke, and ive never been with someone when they were on coke, so how could you tell? because i think my friend did coke last night, he called me looking for weed, but then he said my prices were too high so he hung up..he had $200 and then he called me back about 2 hours later and he sounded wasted, and kept snorting, it sounded like he had a nasal infection and when i asked him about it he said something incoherent about "nasal drip"..

    by the way, he sounded fine when he called me looking for weed. so do you think he bought then did coke or something?
  2. He may have been doing coke, it's not that easy to tell. I typically sniff more, like I have a runney nose type thing. I talk more rapidly, that's about it.
  3. yeah thats what he was doin...sniffin a lot..and he was talking really fast and incoherently, it sounded like he was drunk and really hyper lol

    but yeah this sucks if hes on coke now, because i know who got him into it..i guess i wont see him anymore
  4. that's too bad. i know how u feel. i'm in a little situation with the hubs and that shit. i've about had it to be honest. it just gets way way outta hand. and then they're gone.
  5. they will have big eyes and keep sniffin and movin around real fast
  6. It's not like crack though, he should be fine. It's only if he does it a lot (like every day for a week) that he may become psychologically addictive (it's not a physically addictive substance). If he is your friend you could always be like "Dude, don't do so much coke"
  7. nah man i think he's been doin it for a while, i just havent seen the signs until now..and his girlfriend got him into it, so if i tell him to chill out on the coke or to stop hangin out with her or something he'll just be like"hey man you're just jealous because you don't have a hot girl to do drugs with"
  8. That sucks that he's being stupid about it. I guess the only thing you could really do is say you'll be there for him if/when he decides to come clean; that is, if you want to be. If he's not that close of a friend I'd just tell him 'have fun being poor, cuz that's all coke's giong to get you'. Coke is like a $100+/day addiction, and it grows. That's sad :(
  9. I would def think coke. Making those stupid phone calls all fired up--been there done that. I remember hearing how throw a friend that I sounded all fucked up and i didnt think it was "cool" of me. I was everywhere over the phone, incoherant you described D. its a shame, but if you think you wont see him anymore, you will possibly when he needs money, or just needs you, if it gets bad for him. not to say that it will though. I and a lot of my friends ive seen use recreationally, but you never know with coke..well you know who you can come to if you need advice :smoke:
  10. Someone on coke is generally coherent just overly hyper. Also the afformention sniffing (if they're not accustomed to it). You might also notice a twitch, commonly the lip, but only if it was done recently. Probably the best indicator is the smell but I never noticed it before I tried it. Oh yeah and if they're whining about the drip there's no question.

    It's not all bad. And if you think he's addicted it's definately best to approach him about it, or at least ask him how often he does it. I for one love it as an occasional treat though I've stayed clear of it for about 2 months now.
  11. Why would you stop seeing him just because he does coke? It's his choice to do coke - he's free to do it if he wants to. I've had some pretty damn good friends that were addicted to coke, and I didn't stop hanging out with them because of it. They didn't disappear or anything, either.

    Anyway, look for his pupils to change size, especially when you see him sniffling. He'll be energetic. He'll be in a good mood, and then 20 minutes later he'll be coming down and he'll be kinda irritable.
  12. yea it sounds like hes on coke bro, sorry, thats some nasty shit.

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