How do you tell if a bowl is done?

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  1. So I load bowls in the arizer and I keep hitting it until the taste is gone. In the sense it tastes less that "pleasant" in any sense. My buddy pointed out that the bud is often still brownish/green when I load it. Interesting, because I always figured it was pointless vaping after that. I rarely vape till full brown
    Till when do you guys vape the bowl? How do you feel the bowl is done? Taste? Color? etc

  2. Taste AND color.    For me, it's done when the ABV is a dark coffee brown........just a few shades below black.   When it gets to that color, it starts to taste like burnt popcorn.
  3. I do it until the taste is unpleasant. 
  4. Colour can depend if you plan to reuse the herb for lets say baking or oils. If you want to save some THC to make cookies id say a medium brown a colour between green and brown would be great for baking with. But if all you plan to do is vape it then I agree with Iwien on this its should not be black and ashes but a few shades from black.
    100% agreed on popcorn taste
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    For a bowl I smoke it till shits on me. Till you can't hit it no more. Till the weed disappears.Some people empty a bowl when there's 2-3 hits left. Idk why.Edit, didn't see this was the vape section, don't mind me.Sent from The Gods.
  6. I keep hitting until I can't see anymore visible vape.
    Just an fyi.   Even though I vape my ABV to a very dark brown, I still use it for making firecrackers.   2 to 2.5 grams of it in those firecrackers sets me up nicely for about 6 hours.
  8. Anymore I only pack one hit at a time. Its done after the first hit when its a nice dark brown color. 
  9. Good to hear from you guys

    I figure its relevant to say that i vape at 370. I feel people typically push the temperature beyond that. IMO it tastes nasty after the first hit when i do that

    Anyways, i am going to try and do little one-hitters instead

    Also, wat temps r u guys vaping at? I feel i cud never make it dark brown
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    I don't like to go any higher than about 380 to 385F tops.
  11. I vape at 400ËšF, although it's probably a bit lower than that.
    And to answer your question, when it starts tasting like shit. I've gotten so used to vaping I can tell it's done just by taste, although I usually confirm it by looking at the bowl too.
  12. I hit it til i cant hit it no more!
    then i pack another bowl!
  13. i'll be honest, i cash out early. Top usually black with brown still remain underneath. I don't like hitting butt holes
    If the top is black, you ARE hitting butt holes.  ;)
  15. If it's did colored and taste bad is a good key.
  16. what exactly is a firecracker I would love to try one but I do not know how to make one :yummy:
  17. Firecracker- peanut butter and weed mixture spread onto graham crackers. Decarb the weed first in the oven at 200 F for 20 minutes. Then prepare the firecrackers. Spread the weed and pb on a graham cracker and top with another graham cracker so it's a sandwich. Wrap as tightly as possible with tin foil. This is important. Put in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 330 F and there you go. They taste really good mixed with ice cream. 
    To OP. Just hit it until it starts to taste bad. There's no point in reducing the quality of your smoking experience just because you think it tastes bad before it gets totally brown. The beauty is that when you cash out the bowl early, the abv is that much stronger when you go to eat it later on.
  18. Do you still get any visible vapor towards the end?

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