How do you tell if a bong is china glass?

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  1. Is there a little 'made in china' etched on it or is it thinner? 

  2. try giving it a little love tap to a hard surface. if it breaks, it's china. to actually answer your question though, there will not be a made in china etched on and it will probably be thin 
  3. no its not always going to say "Made in China" on the bong

    but signs a secondhand bong is China glass..

    -crooked percs (dont line up with eachother)
    -brand name on bong doesnt return results online
    -bubbles, cracks, shit welds (cosmetic impurities)

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  4. So china glass is just cheap easy break glass? i don't think i can tap and break a bong in store /reason i'm asking lol/
  5. Ohhh okay thanks a bunch
  6. not all china but for the most part yes. save yourself the headache and buy a reputable name brand piece. zob makes quality low budget pieces as well as us tubes if you sacrifice a bit of size for a piece that will NEVER break. trust me, don't buy anything cheap-o unless you want to pay for it in the long run 
  7. I don't think i can afford a zob yet but i'll definitely keep them in mind
  8. ^^^ This

    Especially bubbles, as they're easy to spot. Look at the base, is it pitted with bubbles? Check around every joint/weld, bubbles? Check around the mouthpiece.

    While you can't really measure without calipers and the means to insert them... does the thickness feel consistent?

    Crooked percs, bases, joints, etc...
  9. Also weight is a factor, "is it lighter than its size would suggest?" Also, if you have a smartphone just get the names and google em in store, if the don't have a name or were " blown locally, chances are the glass is china shit and not worth your time, I have locally blown pieces that kick ass but only buy those FROM THE BLOWER. Otherwise amazon is local as far as you know! Good luck!

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