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How do you take LSD?

Discussion in 'General' started by stonah2, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Im curious what you actully do with the Blotters do you just let it sit on your tongue or do you swallow it or what?
  2. play with it in my mouth and then I swallow it. but I usually get gel tabs or sugar cubes.
  3. Let it sit on your tongue and move it around under your tongue so it all gets absorbed.

    Blotter is pretty much taken sublingually for the membranes to absorb.
  4. thanks guys also .. do they have a taste or not really ? and how long do you kinda play with them in your mouth for?
  5. Usually 5 - 10 minutes but I love to trip and leave the blotter in my mouth and when the trips over still have it sitting under your tongue :hippie::yummy:
  6. ive been curious about that too, does it have a taste?
  7. The taste of legit lsd doesn't really have a taste because theres a very small amount on there that you can't taste it.

    Doses of 50ug - 120 ug which blotter rarely contains that high a dose anymore is to little to taste BUT a lot of users iincluding myself can taste a bittery metallic taste but even at that an inexperienced user usually just doesn't taste anything.
  8. cool man, thanks for the info
  9. I have one of my friends put the acid in one of my boxers after i wash them.

    No idea which one contains the tab...
  10. I can feel my face tingle a little everytime I think about dropping some dose. OOOwwwEEE babyyy. Love that shit. I can't taste it, I can FEEL the taste. If that makes aaany sense. Actually, I know it doesn't. But I don't know how to make it make sense. It's just this mentally induced sensation.
  11. i just dunk my hand in my friends bucket..... hes an organic chemist and makes his own doses............sometimes ill just dunk a hand or a head in....its real nice.......

    ^^thats a dream of mine.....i just throw down some blotter paper under my tongue and let it chill for like 20 minutes then eat em up......
  12. You can put it in your palm and squeeze tight. It seeps into your veins and shit.
  13. I usually let it sit under my tounge for 15 minutes, really depends on you I guess. Never kept it in there the whole time thought haha.
  14. Listen. I have tripped twice off the same tab, true story.

    I once took acid and had it on my tongue just chillin and someone had said something that made me laugh and the hit flew out of my mouth. I was all pissed off and worried that I wouldn't "fry" that night so I spent the next hour searching my car for the hit that flew out. Well I searched everywhere and I couldn't find it. I finally gave up when I started to feel the acid kick in. Well I had a great trip that night. The next day , I was smoking some weed , chillin out, when a friend in my backseat says,"Hey it looks like you have a hit of acid back here" and just like that she found the hit that flew out of my mouth. So I was curious, could I trip twice off the same tab? So I took that shit and yes I tripped twice off the same tab.

  15. Fuck!

    And I've been takin it urethrally all this time
  16. The best way to do blotter is let the hit sit under your tongue until you start to trip. It comes on faster because it gets absorbed the the veins under your tongue. This is the same for say sugar cubes or microdots.
  17. ^The poster above me knows what's up, it's the truth.

    Yeah and lsd tastes like nothing. Really all you can taste from a blotter is paper. If lsd had a taste or smell it wouldn't be so easy to dose people.

    Which reminds me, I have to cover my toll money for tomorrow with some hits.


    (I do not dose toll booth attendants. Unless they're ugly. Then it's fair game)
  18. Everytime I've gotten lucy its been on sugar cubes, I usually just let them sit and dissolve under the bottom of my tongue, then swallow after 10 mins or whatever...my hits taste abit minty and make my tongue completely numb so I dunno...:)

  19. That's because you're eating crack, with a hint of wintergreen. ;)
  20. Would it be possible for someone to make small amoumts with a basic knowledge of chemistry? Or do you have to actually be a chemist to know what you are doing. I am sure all the chemicals are hard to come by, that could be a problem...Also, how hard is it for htem to get the ingredients?

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