how do YOU take clones?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by waffleheaddd, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. i recently took 10 clones of a bella ciao from tiki seeds... i am trying to preserve he genetics while flowering the two i have. I read up a little and i was just wondering how other people in the city clone from their plants... any info is appreciated. thanks :smoking:
  2. take a small pot, fill with quality soil, add a rapid rooter in the soil, fill the rapid rooter hole with cloning powder, take a cutting, angular cut along the stalk with a clean razor blade, whittle down the outter layer of stalk around the bottom angular cut, spray the rapid rooter hole with a few mists of water then stick the stalk in, trim the leaves to about half their original length, spray whole clone with few mists of water, then spray the inside of a cut 2 liter bottle with water and cover. mist every time the bottle becomes dry on the inside and keep a cfl or two worth of light on it 24/7. this should guarantee success.
  3. i wouldn't fill the rapid rooter hole with cloning powder. i would barely dip the stem in the powder and tap the excess off, then place it in the rooter.

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