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How do you take care of your resin

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Ripped One, Aug 12, 2002.


Cleaning your piece

  1. Scrape it

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  2. Boil it

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  3. Use alcohol to clean it

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  1. How do you like to take care of your resin?
  2. Scraping is good cuz you can smoke the resin that you get. I've never boiled it but I heard you can skim the resin out of the water after its boiled. Is this true?
  3. if i'm lazy i'll just scrape it, but if i really wanna get it clean like if i got some people comin over to chill then i gotta boil that shit and after that i get a q-tip, clean it with that, and
    then scrape the rest
  4. To answer your question, what you will want to do is bring water almost to a boil, take it off the stove and set it down, dip the peice in so it fills with water then dump it out, repeat this until it is as clean as you want it. Now pour the water through a cone shaped coffee filter do it the hard way without a filter. Let the peice dry, and there you are, boiling made easy.
  5. I just tried that...It worked with glass but not with metal...errr
  6. I bring my glass bowl to a small boil for a little bit, until some pieces start coming to the top. Then I get like a chopstick or something and start scraping out the sticky icky resin and puting it into a big clump. Whatever's in the water I boiled and put it through a strainer. Get enough resin, and you can get highhhh.
  7. I have three screenless metal bowls that i have found attach perfectly to my dremal tool. So i can spin the bowl at high speed and use a scraper on it. Gets it looking brand new in a few seconds, and i have found that the resin just gets scraped and pushed on top of the scraper, so it's easy to save as well.
  8. i use solution 420 a bong cleaner
  9. i usually use naptha and scrub the inside of my spoon with a q-tip.. the resin comes right off.

    how can you guys smoke that stuff though? it gives such a shitty buzz and tastes soooo bad.. id only smoke it if i was dry and wanted to smoke REALLY bad. like, "kill my grandmother for a joint of shwag" bad :)
    doesnt happen too often..

    *takes more pipe hits of the sweet, sweet ganja
  10. I scrape it, smoke the resin, then clean it out with alcohol and a Q-tip.
  11. phil I dunno, I agree that it does taste shitty, but whenever I get a nice resin ball collected and I smoke it I always feel the high instantly....It kinda felt like hash, but more mild.
  12. I usually boil my piece. Strain through a coffee filter then nuke it. After all is done i reward myself with a nice bowl of resin.
  13. i use rubbing alcohol.. it works really well.. i think i'm gonna boil my peice tho.. i heard that works right nice too :)
  14. i scrape, then smoke the resin. ahhh, resin.
  15. i hate it when people think that the resin is hash. Whenever somebody tells me that I'm always like, obviously you've never smoked hash.
  16. man i know what you mean....the resin does fuck you up pretty fast when i've done it but it wasn't really close to hash..Hash is just like.....aaaaaaaaaaaah and boom your trapped inside that high instantly...damn i want some hash and damn i m fucked up right now...anyways, you ever made your own hash I just did for the first time 2 weeks ago. I wanna get some hash oil...that shit is rreal real good.
  17. scrape & smoke the resin :-D
  18. i use all 3 methods. scraping to clear the clogged pathways, save the resin for a rainy(dry?) day...

    then use alcohol to get the rest out, and if that can't get it perfectly clean, then i boil the lil sucker. my bubbler is harder than HELL to clean out, so i try to keep it pretty clean on a reg. basis, it takes a regimen of scraping, and alcohol rinses to get it clean. but i'm too scared to boil this piece, 'tis a lil fragile i think.

    but i agree, resin is DEFINITELY not equivalent to hash. i try not to smoke it, but on occasion it is kinda fun to get that resin and smoke it, so we save it up for a rainy day.
  19. I scarape that resin to get high when im dry
  20. Yeah I'm a scraper. Looks like I got some scrapin' to do tonight, dam money.

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