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How Do You Store Your Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shyguy42, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. okay, so i heard a tale that in B.C. they keep there bud in glass jars with air tight seals. it was explained to me that this would make a process much like brewing beer. the bud would ferment as they are forced into an anaerobic state. i believe the chemistry behind this is when there is no oxygen or O2, the formula for the respiration of plants would then change to compensate for the lack of oxygen.

    also while we are on the topic, do you dudes bust the majority of weed that you will use in a week (i do, kind of a way to limit myself from not blazing all my bud, and being broke.) or do you guys bust as you need to? do you even bust at all? ive seen some people simply hand bust a bud into a bowl. is this the proper way?

    anyways, the original question is how do you store your weed. in a tin? or in an air tight glass jar? or anything else?
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    Due to such high prices here I only get about 1.5g ($40) every few days. So for a small amount a pill bottle works perfectly.
  3. airtight ziplock in the fridge
  4. umm i dont know about all that but, i keep my bud in my airtight candle jar. i cleaned the small jar out by letting it burn for like 8 hours ..:mad:.. and then i let the wax dry and scraped it. then i used hot hot water to clean out the smell small bits ect. and it actually works very well, it keeps my bud nice and sticky, and when i open it it has the most amazing smell. :cool:
  5. I keep my bud in a plstic bag (ziplock) wrapped up inside itself (like a joint yak now :D) and then covered in a dryer sheet. I then have this put into a box with veryl ittle airflow and complete darkness.
  6. inside a baggie in a airtight jar. then i can just take the bag out quickly if im jumping out for a bit.
  7. Inside an airtight, glass jar. When you pop the lid, the room fills with a scent, similar to that of heaven I am led to beleive. :)
  8. Get a zipLock bag, remove most the air. Put it in the freezer. When ready to smoke, removed from bag, place in paper tower. Put in microwave for 15 - 25 seconds. (Depending on your microwave.) Oldschool or new school. Oldschool microwaves - 25 sec.. New school 15- 20 seconds.
  9. Saame :hello:
  10. A dream candle, lol.
  11. tupperware
  12. that is the most ridiculous thing iv ever heard in my entire fuckin life. I may be new to this forum but im a vet on others and have been growing a LONG time. Freezing the water molecules in your buds will make your shit taste and smell horrible once they thaw out. your buds will smell like some freezer burned chicken. Also once you move your buds around after freezing them, thousands of trichcomes are going to fall off EVERY time you move that bud. Next bit of info.......Do you seriously microwave your buds? :confused: Why the fuck would you even think to do this???? MICROWAVING THEM FUTHER DEGRADES YOUR THC, which we already know you dont care about because you freeze your buds. I really hope you get back here soon and explain your methods. iv never once heard of people storing there weed in the freezer, then wrapping a bud in paper towel and microwaving that shit before you smoke it. :confused:

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  13. Dude, you are a fucking prick. You said you been smoking for years? Well, if you been smoking for years you would know FREEZER's keep it FROM MOLDING !!! You fucking idiot... YEah all the trichomes might fall off which makes easier collection with less agitation in the hash makin' process.

    The Microwave is ONLY TO THAW IT OUT! That's why I said the Seconds. Why the fuck would I post this on here if it doesn't work ? Seriously? I have 5 bud's of Northern Lights in my Freezer right now.

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    DUDE you have balls.. everyone on here is laughing soooo hard that tears are coming out of their eyes. If they could see clear enough to type they would say the same thing i just did. BUDS DONT MOLD ONCE PROPERLY DRIED AND CURED!!!!! keep them in a jar and you will be fine. And im also sorry to say that once 1000watts of radiation are going through your buds, you are degrading the properties of it that get you high. You said your self that your evaporating the (water) out of it? ARE YOU A FUCKING RETARD???? You think you can run all that radiation through the bud, heat it up to the point where water is evaporating out of your bud, and your bud maintains 100% the potency it had before...GET A FUCKIN CLUE!!! will somebody else please get on here and tell this guy hes a jackass. Dude PM's me saying it works google is that all it takes to prove something these days is "google it". FUCKIN RETARD i know you'll still get high but your losing potency fuckin amature

    This type of post is NOT welcome here. This is a thread about how to store weed so I don't see how it invoked so much hostility. *RMJL
  15. kids i'd stay away from microwavin it haha
  16. I'd still advise against microwaving it personally. Microwaving plant matter is never good......

    Also, if you do store bud in the freezer (Which is FINE for a bit (10-20 minutes before a session), make sure you grind it AFTER freezing. This increases your kief catch a lot since more crystals are falling off. If you're grinding before you freeze it it's useless and if you don't grind it (just break it up or whatever) then it's also pointless.
  17. THANK YOU!!!!!!! LOL....And for his information i did google that shit!!!!! haha.. it says and i qoute..." freezing marijuana causes the water vapors in the plant to expand (like ice) and that causes the trichs to explode and loose mass...WHEN TRICHS EXPLODE YOUR LOSING POTENCY FUCKING IDIOT. I have yet to understand why fags like you choose to argue with the same people that are trying to help you. Freeze YOUR BUDS all you want but dont tell others to do the same. And by the way; NO FUCKIN SHIT MOLD WONT GROW ON YOUR PLANT IN THE FREEZER!!!! ITS 10 DEGREES IN THERE !!! you telling us that is just common sense. like i could say "store your buds in the freezer cuz no light will get to them"...... NO FUCKIN DUHHHH..... get lost buddy your fuckin stupid
  18. Oh and some more food for thought..............any freezer that was made in the last 10 years is most likely frost free!!!! what this does is continuously freezes then thaws, on and off so you dont get frost. thats why the older freezers build up 3 inches of ice on the wall.... so all the more power to you ! KEEP FUCKING UP YOUR "NORTHERN LIGHTS," maybe it'll change into mexican shwag in a couple days

  19. If you were standing infront of me right now.. I would straight up knock your ass out.. Not for being proved wrong, just for being a fucking ignorant jerk. :) Keep shoving it in my face, go ahead. Just remember, Online JErks come out to be Real life jerks on the other side. I would apprieciate not reading your stupid bullshit anymore... Other's just disagree, you make an argument out of it...

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