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How do you store your weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by My Buds, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I found this jar that is very similar to a Mason Jar. It has a weird shape, but can hold a good amount. I could hide it easily, since it is not very tall, but rather wide. It does not have the usual rubber seal ring that most jars have. It has a layer of rubber that is attached to the top part of the jar. Do you think the rubber seal from the jar could hide the smell? Would you use this to store your weed? Also, I heard that plastic bags can cause weed to become "rotten"/lose potency faster. Is this true? Do tupperware containers and pill bottles also cause the weed to lose potency faster?

    Thank you very much for your time and please feel free to answer my questions and post your experiences with marijuana storage containers.

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  2. I store mine in an emma jar, which is essentially the same thing but it just looks cooler (at least, that's my preference). I'd say its almost airtight (its pretty hard to get anything completely airtight), and it keeps the smell from escaping perfectly. Probably the best weed storage jar next to the mason jar, considering it has the same function but its for smaller, daily/personal use.

  3. I have different sizes depending how lush my stash is. You want as much less air space as you can go. When you close your nug jar, it traps air in it. The nugs will absorb the air and make your nugs more stale. Which is not bad but it will smoke a lil faster than normal.
  4. thank you very much! it seems essentially like a small mason jar. i actually prefer this because i couldnt hide a mason jar in a good spot, because it is too tall/big. i will probably put two bags around it. i picked up some lemon haze and orange kush two days ago that reeks like crazy. i put it in two bags and in a rolled up could still smell it very much.
  5. Anything airtight. Mason jars for home/ big stash, pill bottles for the go.

    I store my dank-dank shit in the fridge.

  6. thank you very much! my new setup is way better than what i used to do(double bag and put it in a rolled up sock). does anybody know how long i can keep it in the jar without the weed losing significant potency?
  7. I have a jar that i used when i was 15-18, now that im older, im so lazy i just throw it in a bag

  8. I would say close to 5 - 6 months, then again im not a guru.
  9. do you know if weed can lose significant potency in pill bottles? if yes, how long would that take? do the pill bottles contain the smell well, or do you still have to put a bag around the weed or the pill bottle? thank you very much for replying! :)
  10. I've got all different kinds of stash jars, from a little tiny plastic one with an airtight snap on lid that holds a gram, up to big mason jars that can hold a couple oz.

  11. If its dried/cured properly, it wont lose potency....but I wouldn't say it would get any better like ageing wine.

    Just make sure its dried all the way or else it will mold up. A good tip to test if your buds are dried properly is to bite the stem with your front teeth and break it with your hand. If if has a good "SNAP" to it, it is good. If it bends AT ALL or doesn't snap real well, let it dry for a day and check again. Bud will last a long ass time if stored properly.
  12. It shouldn't? I dont see why it would degrade the potency. And yes, they contain the smell greatly. Perfect for the go
  13. I use the little plastic 50 cent bottles, that contain a toy, usually found at walmart, to hold around a half of hash.
  14. The factor that causes THC to naturally degrade the fastest is UVB rays, so keep it stored somewhere in the dark and the maximum potency will be maintained.
  15. Lol I have mine in a baggy and inside a plastic apple juice bottle. Seems to work pretty well
  16. Quantity in glass jars, daily use in prescription bottles

  17. After 9 months it WILL begin to lose potency...

  18. How so?
  19. Usually just keep it in the bag it came in. I get an O every month or 2. Probably should get 2 mason jars, but bag is easier to stash from parents.
  20. i emptied all the wax out of one of those glass yankee candle jars and use that

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