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how do you store your stash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ymsb, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. what do you keep your bud in? i have been using a pill box amd i was wondering if it is air tight. maybe some other ways to keep my bud fresh other then a baggie?

  2. rx pill bottles from the club.
    ima switch to a glassair tight jar soon....
  3. At home, it's in a mason jar. If I'm taking some out with me, I grind what I'm gonna need and take it in a pill bottle.
  4. I just usually keep it in the ziplock that it came in.
  5. i keep mine in a super nintendo mink case i got ,,pretty dope

    i usually roll like 4 blunts stick em in there and riiiiiiiiiiiide
  6. I just put mine in my buster and it falls to the storage area, with a thin screen underneath to filter the THC through

  7. I heard some of the thc rubs off by cheap plastic like that
  8. For the most part i burn it and keep the smoke in my lungs (paraphrased from some other post i found to be funny)

    Mason jar<-- ooor i also have a container meant for developing photos in which has a removable top vent (originally for pouring chemicals in without exposing the film) now used for airing out the bud while curing.
  9. mason jars and pods

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