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How do you store the bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by dankdude420, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. For now I just use the standard baggie. But my hiding spot is the best. Its in my practice guitar amp that appears to be completely sealed (closed by screws), but you can actually pry the front off with a knife. Plenty of room in there too.

    When I have larger ammounts I use an old .50 Caliber ammo-box. It can hold a pound in a baggie, and has a water and airtight rubber seal around the top, and you can lock it. It works really well.
  2. An old film canister that is black with a grey cap. Works great since it is not see through and since i am an avid film photographer, my parents don't question it. Keeps it sealed, although i am looking for a small glass alternative.
  3. When i get good weed i tend to put it in these things called green bags, then i store that in a mason jar. You may have seen a comercial for green bags on tv, their suppose to be able to keep fruits and veges fresh way longer, so i figured that it will do the same for bud. It actually keeps the moister in the bag, so the green never looses its moisture. I love those things, but the only thing i dislike about them is that they're so big! I couldnt possibly fill up a green bag, unless i grew my own crop, but under my circumstances thats almost impossibe.;)
  4. i keep my bud in a mason jar
  5. word...jars are the way to go, just dont drop em.
  6. Mason Jar FTW
  7. 237 votes and 56% of those store it in airtight jars. Im glad to see this but honestly i kinda expected more from the seasoned tokers, more in the 80% range. And for the people who are using other? i really put that kind of as a joke cuz i didnt know people used other things besides the obvious bag or a jar. As for the Green Bags, isnt the point to keep out all the toxins that are in the air which cause it to parish, or do they seal up. And putting it in an airtight jar might defeat the point of using the bag?
  8. Since I am in college i rarely smoke anything but joints. So when i get my sack i usually go ahead and use my grinder to grind it up, and then put it into those plastic tubes blunt raps come in.
  9. I want to get a good glass jar or something like that but at the moment i just keep my dank bud in the dime bags it comes in, or i just put it in my metal box
  10. If you don't carry more than about an O and 1/2 at one time, ziploc sandwich bag, into a mason jar. no smell, minimal moisture loss.
  11. Those 'Green Bags' just absorb ethylene, which causes fruit and veggies to ripen and hence rot faster. It won't have any real effect on cannabis. A jar without the green bag will keep it just as fresh.
  12. yeah thats what i was thinking. I could see how one would think it to make the bud fresh though.
  13. Medicine bottles :)
  14. Mason jars., Really the only thing to keep bud in.,
  15. Straight Glass homie. I like using corked jars if the bud isn't completely cured and if I don't care about smell. I've got some screw-off caps as well. Make sure you can reach in and scrape the kief out after a while!
  16. i keep my shit in bags sometimes a pill bottle... I'm going to smoke all the weed in the bag within 3 or 4 days and i figure its been transferred from dealer to dealer anyways so it aint losin much if anything.
  17. It's all about the mason jars and pill containers for the special stuff, it's a choice of the professionals.
  18. After like a year of reading on the forums, but never posting, I started buying in bulk, but I kept my dank in a baggie.

    Now after more reading, I've upgraded to an airtight jar :)

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