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How do you store bud so it doesn't smell in public?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xditsme, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Well I was wondering about how to best store bud to not make it smell. I carry around a bag and put my dank in a pill bottle but the smell still escapes. I was thinking about buying a tiny jar with a a stopper that has a grommet or rubber o ring type of thing around it. Would that cause NO smell to escape?
  2. mason jar or maybe 420 science
  3. Why do you want to carry bud around with you in public?
  4. well like right after a pickup.
  5. Film canisters or pill bottles.
  6. Well the pill bottles I use dont conceal the smell too good.
  7. smelly proof bags

  8. Mason jars, film canisters, pill containers, ear pluch containers, practically anything.
  9. I just put it in my pocket..
  10. you could store it up your ass if your that worried about it smelling.
  11. deoderent works pretty nice, i carried a dime in some deo all day at school. didn't smell at all

  12. im gonna expand a little on this, don't take shower for a month before pick up, piss and shit yourself.. and nobody is going to be able to tell if you have weed on you
  13. I just keep it in my shoes...
    But funny thing about that is i gave my friend a pair of my shoes one time and the drug dogs were at school and they kept sniffin around him...
    But they never smelled it when i had the shoes...
    Does this mean i have stinky feet???
  14. Tupperwares. They're air tight.
  15. Plastic bag in my front pocket next to my cellphone lol

    So everytime I'm talking on the phone I can smell some quality bud!

  16. Spot on, I've had the stinkiest of the stinkiest buds in these bags before and have never smelt any smell escape. :hello:
  17. +3 on the Smelly Proof Baggies, LIFE SAVERS those are!

    Happy Toking!
  18. PLastic NEVER has an airtight seal. Buy a small mason jars. I have some that are like 2 inches around and less then 2 inches tall. perfect for storing up to a 1/4.
  19. Go to quick trip or something and grab some of the tea bags they work pretty well
    and put the weed in the tea bag into a plastic bag and you'll be good to go.

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