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How do you stop weed/ashes from falling through the hole of the spoon?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GreenRangerFOH, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. It's pretty annoying when I'm sparking up then the weed/ash falls through the hole and rattles around then I end up sucking it in.
  2. A screen.
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    ^ yup. a dollar for a 10 pack if that's all you're buying

    EDIT: Also, it only takes a couple smoke sessions to get it resined to the bowl. after that its good for a while. if it starts getting clogged you can burn it and all the holes will clear up.
  4. Let your pipe get resined up
  5. its just something you gotta deal with. as long as its packed good and your not pulling too hard it shouldnt be that much of a problem. i never really phuck with screens. their more hassle than they're worth i find
  6. Glass screens are great man get a pack of 15 of all different sizes for 2 bucks
  7. if you get a screen get the glass ones for sure, i was never a fan of the metal ones. i normally just roll up a nice chunk of bud and clog er up though
  8. either a screen or when you pack the bowl put a nug that is bigger than the hole at the bottom then put the rest on top. wont be perfect but it gets the job done
  9. all i do, is i rip a small, and THIN piece of weed before it's grinded and put that at the bottom

    then I rip 2 more small THIN pieces and put those on the bottom as well

    proceed to dumb grinded herb, and you're good usually

    only bad thing about this strategy is that you can't really pack the bowls down too much, or the buds can condense and it'll get clogged, or the buds will get pushed through and that defeats the entire purpose
  10. Here are a few suggestions.

    A) pack tighter
    B) nug plug (put tiny nug in bottom)
    C) use a pebble
    D) buy screens
    E) use the screen from a faucet in a pinch
  11. Get a water pipe, Problem solved.
  12. get some foil and crumble it into a hole sized ball and put it iin the hole nice and snug. Works for me.
  13. [quote name='"TinTizzy"']Let your pipe get resined up[/quote]

    lmao what he said ^
  14. a screen or just use it alot i used to also put a fine silk cloth over the mouth hole to prevent ash from getting sucked into my mouth tho im not sure how safe it was lol but ya
  15. Buy a screen or let some resin build up
  16. it's funny when people say the same shit over and over lol.

  17. #17 STRANGE, Aug 13, 2012
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    Not trying to be. You are all just repeating each other, so to me it's pretty fucking funny.

    EDIT: Dammit why did you delete your comment lol
  18. Screens are the best, I wouldnt light a bowl without one.

    Btw it's good that people repeat the same answers because then it becomes obvious what the general opinion is of the majority. If most people say the same thing you can be pretty sure it's probably right.

  19. Wtf

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