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How do you stop caring about someone...

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by vanilladutch88, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Who doesnt care for you? Ive known this girl for a few months.. i love her and she says she feels the same about me but shes basically a slut and i dont trust her for shit. How can i get un-attached?:confused::(
  2. time.

  3. in that time you will find someone else.
  4. Just stop it.
  5. To stop caring for someone is really hard to do.
    I wish I could help you, but I don't even know how to do that.
  6. whenever its time to move on I just completely cut myself off from the person in question. Go out with the guys, drink a little too much, smoke a little too much, and cause a little trouble. Jus keep yourself busy, enjoy life and time will do the trick. Good luck dude. Why no trust though?
  7. thanks, that sounds good.

    no trust because shes basically the hottest girl in town and everyone wants her. she falls for the typical "damn you fine, let me holla at you"
  8. Delete anything you have her in phone, facebook, AIM, etc. Then it'll be easier to stay away from when you don't see her name popping up everywhere. Start talking to other people, meet new people or do something new. The biggest thing is keeping yourself busy and in time it'll get easier.

    Start a new video game, learn a new hobby, buy a new bong, go out with friends, smoke, enjoy life and remember there's a lot more fish in the sea.
  9. whats hot got to do with shit? You worried about her talkin to these guys or is she actually givin em play. People will flirt...
  10. deleted her number, facebook, and myspace. gonna start a new job at autozone this week hopefully thatll help too
  11. Cut contact with her completely and give yourself time.
  12. Why stop caring about someone when you could just absorb yourself into something else, thus taking your mind off that someone.

    I suggest quality pornography. :p
  13. find some one new to care about.
  14. Dip your bucket in another well if you catch my drift bro
  15. stop thinking about her and her qualities move on keep your mind focus on something else.
    also some people take time.
  16. Pretty much.

    You can also get out and start talking with other females.

    It's all about focusing your attention on someone, or something else.
  17. do something mean to her... she will get mad at you and you will feel better being the bad guy.
  18. Wow as bad as this sounds....I like this idea the best :devious:
  19. Op, everytime I read your username I wish I had a vanilla dutch...:(
  20. You go one at a time, fucking her friends :hello:

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