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How do you stay productive and smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by .:zeppelin:., Jun 29, 2009.

  1. So in the past 3 years I've smoked weed, I haven't had much problem with being productive and smoking the herb, because i really only smoked a few times a month. BUt in the past year, my consumption of weed has sky rocketed. Right before 420 I was smoking nearly every day. I then quit for a month, and now I'm smoking more than I ever have before. I've gone through about an ounce in 2 weeks. I find myself smoking for no reason, and quite honestly, it's made me a lazy bum. So right now I'm just taking a break from the bud so I can get things done. But my question is, how do you guys and gals stay productive even when you're smoking marijuana?

  2. If you've got shit to do, smoke that herb, then pound an energy drink or something if you can't summon the will to do what you need to get done on your own.

    As for me, I just forced myself to do shit while high for so long it became easy.
  3. By not smoking 2g a day?
  4. Just dont smoke instead of being productive.
    Smoke as a reward to yourself AFTER being productive.
  5. This, i used to do this some, if I accomplished something important, it was time to get stoned. :hello:
  6. Being high doesn't mean you have to be lazy. Shit, I get blazed before I write papers to make them better, or smoke a joint before work because I'm more productive.

    If I'm already high I can do whatever needs to get done. It's mind over matter.
  7. For real. I try to not go to work high because it's just way more boring that way, but if it happens I can handle it. Just know what you CAN and CANNOT do high. The only way you'll figure this out is by trying. I don't think you should do everything high if you want to do it well, so it's really a situational thing.

    Things I can do high:
    Go to work (if I can handle the boredom)
    Do Errands
    Go to the gym (lifting)
    Go to class
    Read magazines and books for pleasure

    Things I can't do while high:
    Lay out in the hot sun (gives me a headache, idk why)
    Get Tattooed
    Go to the gym (cardio)
    Ride my bicycle
    Read textbooks

    I obviously don't have the most demanding life right now but it's a good guide to have.
  8. I experiment how i function in different activities when im high, i found the ones im good at r athletic things like lacrosse, football, and stickball. I usually suck at school when im high so i only go to school high on days i dont have much work. But whoever said treat smoking as a reward is correct.
  9. You just gotta get in the habbit, and then after you're productive while high, get even more high:bongin:
  10. haha quit smoking indica :rolleyes:

    but seriously smoking sativa for me makes me want to do things while indica makes me want to sit(which is normal).

    But other then that the energy drink method works for me :)
  11. I recently discovered just how fun cycling is while puffin on a few joints ha.

    The way I stay productive when smoking is by always thinking how good it'll be when I'm finished doing what ever I have to so I can enjoy my stone to its fullest.
  12. Some situations call for smoking bud and some don't, you have to keep a healthy balance if you want to smoke and stay productive. Personally I don't usually smoke before all of my shit is done for that day, for the first couple years I was a very lazy stoner. After awhile of feeling lazy and slugish I decided to put my smoking on hold until all of the things I needed to be taken care of were. These days I don't smoke until I've gotten off work, worked out, and taken care of errands I have to run ect. I also try to balance my smoking with an active lifestyle, its way to easy to blaze up and play video games or watch TV for hours as we all know ha.
  13. How do you stay productive and smoke weed?

    Smoke more weed! :D
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    This is what I do.

    Step 1. Make some plans to do something either with yourself or with friends. Tell your parents what you'll be doing. (example: going to a museum, swimming pool, taking a bike ride etc.)

    Step 2. When the day comes, smoke weed beforehand. Since you've told your parents you can't not go. You will be forced to go where you planned. If it's something fun, you will probably want to go anyways. You can eat a firecracker so you won't be high and lazy soon as you leave, plus it'll be long lasting.

    Step 3. Leave the house, do your shit. Pick up a coffee/mountaindew/redbull on your way.

    EDIT: Thanks to this method I am going to the planetarium high monday. Gonna be chugging a mountain dew on the way.
  15. go work out:) is the best option IMO
  16. the herb is not your enemy. Control the herb, don't let it control you. I find that when I'm high I do really good at things I already excel in, like math and cooking. Other things tho, like laundry and cleaning, I'm not so good at.

    I blaze based on knowing those things. I'm always sure to do the things I suck at while high first, then blaze, and do everything I'm good at while high.
  17. it depends on a few things.. I guess its depends on the type of weed you use; I find some are uplifting, and some makes you tired, because of the straints and how you use it and the quantity. I suggest Change the weed dealer it usually helps, once you find that uplifting kind, you should try to stock it up and use it during the day, and for nights use something for relaxed.. and if you like the uplifting ones go for 'sativas' I believe; and I find smoking a bong is more tiring then smoking a joint.. hope this helps. Its from my experience and good luck finding the good ganja!

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