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How do you stay on your tolerance break?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stevesbigfoot, May 4, 2011.

  1. My original plan was for a 19 day break. From May 1st to May 19th.
    I turned down a smoke-out today, and I'm really craving some green. How do you guys stick to your tolerance breaks? I think I'm going to give up this Friday :\
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    You just need to focus on how high you will get after you go without smoking for that long
  3. haha you have it good I have to stop smoking from May 2 to August 2nd. I have incentive though, my mom's buying me a camera if i can pass a drug test August 2nd. The first few days are always the hardest from what I've heard. My only advice is to occupy yourself with something to get your mind off of it, like a hobby or something.
  4. Just don't smoke? It's all about self control and having things in moderation.
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  6. Dont do what this kid does ^
  7. Over used alot but it's so true when someone says a day at a time.
    Also go out and enjoy other things! Not all has to revolve around bud to be enjoyable.
    I have the gym to distract me at times. The rest i hangout with my friends that dont smoke so I dont get the urge.
  8. dont replace the "weed high" with other drugs just to get a buzz, ull ruin ur life
  9. tell your friends about your t-break, and if they are good friends they won't talk to you about weed. don't keep weed at the house, or if you have it just put it somewhere really inconvienent to get, to put yourself off smoking. don't listen to music with weed in it like rap for a while, it can be off putting. fill your time with important stuff like exercise, sleep, studying. and enjoy a nice cold beer or something and marvel at your self control.

    i'm on day 2 of my 10 day T break. good luck
  10. I'm on day 2 of what I hope to be at least a 5 day break. If I feel like I can make it to 10 then I will.

    I have no reason to take a break, I just want to.

    Good so far.

    As for how I stay on my break, I just knock back a few beers and I'm good.
  11. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not great at T-breaks. I have an incentive... if you call it an incentive... got arrested 2 weeks ago got court in 2 weeks so that's my incentive. Just give yourself something to look forward to if you complete your T-break like a nice new piece or a bong. Other than that just occupy yourself with menial things like working out and studying. Also, tell your friends to slap your or clown on you if you break your break early, that's what I do and it seems to work.
  12. i smoked for daily for almost 2 years and im on day 21 of my 30 day tbreak right now. i just said "im gunna take a break for 30 days" and then i did. wasnt very hard. the first few days sucked and now i feel fine not smoking. im just excited for how incredibly baked im gunna get in 9 days
  13. I just didn't buy weed... seemed to do the trick!
  14. Today was pretty good progress, my friend doesn't like to smoke alone, so i just accompanied him, watching him smoke.... It was damn awful haha, but i prevailed. Gonna get so baked on the 19th.
  15. Ha I should be doing this too. I worked it out today with my uncles I've been smoking nonstop for 6 years now. I've taking breaks now and then but that was mostly due to lack of funds and never longer than a week. I've been talking about it though is it really worth it? Any success stories?
  16. I'm currently on a month long break due to knowing I will have to take a pre-employment drug test within the next week.

    However, not a day has gone buy that I haven't wanted to smoke. Really, the only thing getting me through is the necessity of having to pass the drug test. Try to find some sort of motivation along those lines in which to get yourself to a certain point. As one person mentioned (forget the name, and not on this page), try and create an incentive for yourself like a new piece. Once you make it to the date, you will feel great for accomplishing your goal, you will then be happy to reward yourself, and then you will get baked out of your mind! Win-win-win :D

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