How do you spit game?

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  1. I just turned 19 and have entered my first year in college. In high school I was with 2 girls but never found out how to actually talk to them. I find it very difficult to get to know people especially girls. Part of it might have to do with the fact that I was home schooled for several years but in general I find it difficult to meet people. Smoking weed is the only way I find new people and in my opinion that's not good.

    Basically I never learned how to spit game or any of that jazzy stuff and now whenever I want to approach a girl I'm conflicted because I don't know how to flirt and act like more than just a friend.
  2. Dont overthink any of this. There's no one answer. For some guys, becoming friends is actually part of the "game". I think everyone spits game depending on the situation. Also depends on the type of person you are naturally
  3. To game'em is basically convincing them to take you to bed .. you can only be yourself becuz when you try to be someone your not, it turns them off and you wont make it into too many bedrooms & youll be friend zoned .. heres a little bit of game you can spit ..
    - excuse me, whats your name? then ask her where her man is at? she may say one of three things .. hes at work/school, hes at home or i dont have a man ... if shes indicates that she has one then you tell'er how lucky he is to have a beautiful woman like her .. then walk away .. but if she says she doesnt have one .. then your chance is what you make it ...
  4. Please just be yourself - don't try and be someone you're not. Be friendly and smile - basics go a long way.

  5. Contrary to what you'll see on TV, "game" isn't a magical set of sentences you can put together and have them be all over you.

    "Game" is what a confident individual exhibits. Improve yourself and more and more game will come to you naturally. Better yet, it will come to you naturally if it is derived from actual personal accomplishments, like getting a good education, or being in great shape.

    The flip side of that is being one of the many maaany kids looking for magical lines they can blurt out at a chick and have her fall head over heels for them.

  6. Yes it is: just tell her "i have money".
  7. It's because you don't see girls as equals. One you begin to see that they're just human beings things be much easier
  8. Honestly there is no such thing as "game". Confidence is everything. You can be awkwardly shy and still be attractive to a female. How do you get people to like you as a person? How did you have friends in high school or college? You were yourself. Just talk to them about anything, throw a corny joke in there.
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  10. Ask her if shes single.. tell her you find her attractive.. tell her u wana take her out.

    You already kno what to say. You just have to balls up to it. In my experience, girls crumble when they are put on the spot. Be confident!

    Good luck
  11. Take drugs, give her drugs, act like a douchebag. Girls like that childish bullshit
  12. Hey bro i was homeschooled my entire life so i feel your pain. It was just me and my brother growing up so i had to go out and try to meet girls on my own, not having grown up around females makes that difficult and always made me extremely nervous around them. The good looking ones anyway. I find that once i'm able to get to know a girl a little bit it's much easier for me to be myself and come on to her. I'm naturally a smartass, funny guy and alot of girls love that, some of them find it annoying. All girls are different, you'll meet ones that don't like you and just as many that do. If you be yourself that is.
  13. When women see you try for them, it is a turn off for them. Do not try. Just have fun and if you can focus on that, the conversations will take care of themselves. If you wanna get laid, just stay till the end of the party.

    We used to have these parties called "White board parties" where i am from, where we would all wear white clothing, bring markers and draw all over each other. It was a great ice breaker and by the end, i had pretty much met everyone and furthermore, it was like impossible to forget their name, since its literally written on you. (Don't forget names)
  14. Real talk you be yourself, actually talk to the girl and get interested with her. Don't try to act or put on a show or be someone else. Talk to a girl. Get to know her likes her family her plans. Whatever keeps the conversation going. Just be yourself.
  15. When I like a guy I'm pretty shit at hiding it hahaha.

    I smile and flirt a lot. If I really like a guy I can get a little giddy. But if he's like super sexy and intimidating then I'm not as giddy and can be a bit more mysterious haha.

    Just be yourself!
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    spitting aint easy. hold back on the vocal intensity and let yourself flow in words and rap your life to chicks. something like that

    i can rap eminem karaoke style-ee.....yes i can..... [​IMG]

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