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  1. Aight well me and a friend are plannin to smoke some soon, real soon, so I need your guyzes replies a.s.a.p. We'll its goin to be his first time smokin some and I wanna know what you guyz think is best for a persons first time, I heard that j's were best but I dont know, My first was a j but I need to know what you guyz have heard or know about a first timer? Hope to read your replies soon, email me at
    whenever you reply just so I know that someone has and I can read it, Hes a good friend and i wanna make it a good one for his first, Thanx everyone, this is *Magic* signin out, c ya
  2. hey u know wat its just what u want it to be it dont matter wat u smoke if u do it right you have a good as time just puff inhail puff inhail and pass just get your selfes a 20 sack get 2 fillis
    and a black for afterwords if u have truble just get a paper bag blow the smok in there and hold it real tight to ur mouth and keep inhaling the somke

    i houp u have a lot of fun and dont worry ull get the hang of it ok bye bye good luck

    bye the way i love that quot u have

    my fav band is SLIPKNOT aaahhhhhhh

    if u want hit me back at
  3. Joints would be the best for first timers!
  4. The first time I smoked it was a "shotgun" ,through a real shotgun ! .I'll explain that one later.

    Joints are the traditional way to start I think ,yuck on the blunts for a first timer ,all you'd taste is tobacco.

    Have someone roll you a nice fat joint ,and take your time.....enjoy whatever it is you are feeling ,and don't let people mess with you .(sometimes folks get off on feaking out the 'newbe' ) Just take light hits , and don't be afraid to get a little oxygen in your lungs between hits. And don't drink alcohol ,if it's your first time. And above all else ,enjoy yourself.
  5. I agree joints do it pretty good, just help them when it becomes a roach because otherwise they'll burn their lips or drop it and burn themselves!!

    Glass pipes are a good first too because all you have to teach them is the carb, and suck. My first hit was out of a bong and it was pretty bad because I took way too big a hit than I ever could have fathomed and coughed so hard I almost puked (I was drunk @ the time)

    Good luck & have fun !:)
  6. i didnt smoke a joint until like a month after i started smoking cause i started smoking with my friend who was a stoner and all he smoked out of was his 2 1/2 foot bong it made me feel like a dumb ass cause i didnt know what a fuckin carb was and i was like the only one that couldnt clear it :( but the next i was pro and i loved weed ever since

    my piece and piece of is the steamroller since i cant afford a nice glassie with 3d art
  7. Man You Have Got to give him a bong...That was my first and i got more fried than you can imagine...mebbe it wuz cuz it was white rhino but that does not matter now...n e ways i am pretty stoned right now so i am gonna go look at some bud pics...

    *Keep on Tokin*

  8. Hmm... I've seen first-timers freak out when they embrace Miss Mary Jane for the first time, via bong.
    Plus, a good many of newbies aren't too familiar with the bong concept, I personally would go for a hand-pipe... plain, easy, no need for explinations.

    Joints are the bane of my existance, I don't like that route all too much. Unless I'm in a a place without a pinch (which isn't often) I don't roll. But be sure to teach him how to roll, every stoner should (I always have newbies roll towards themselves, makes it easier on them) :D

    Again, a glass hand-pipe would probably be the best way to go. Set up in a comfy area, get some junk-food set about, and go at it. :) Have Fun!
  9. I personally think a simple metal pipe (I know, I know.. I hate metal too... but think about what happens if they cough really hard... which is most probably inevitable. Do you want your good glass in the hands of a first-timer? Give them something to work toward.) or a joint is the best way to break in a newbie.

    Personally the first time I smoked it was shwag and it was rolled in paper from a phone book... You could read the number of an Air Conditioner repair place on the yellow paper. It was a really harsh smoke, I assumed because of the weed, but nonetheless it got me baked. Some people don't get stoned their first time, I didn't get stoned. I was braindead.

    I've initiated a lot of people into a greener world since then and I have to say, if they're a cigarette smoker, the joint is the easiest concept for them to latch onto.

  10. Knife hits, you cant get much easier, all they have to do is suck, and they don't have to worry about burning their lips or any of that shit.

    The first knife hit I ever took was so bad ass. I thought I was freakin' retarded. I thought I was going to puke for like 10 min. and my eyes wouldn't open and I couldn't move, But after that was over, I was so blazed, I long to get that high again.
  11. sup well thanx everyone for the help, now i got another question, k you gotta remember I'm a newbie and well I feel like a real little bitch asking this but whats a knife?? I never heard of it, I wana know cuase it sounds sweet well someone plez tell me, Thanx everyone c ya *Magic*
  12. My first hit was from a home made bong at a mates party and I nearly coughed up a lung! being a new smoker and having someone tell you to take a chug on a bong I didnt know what the hell to do and took nearly a whole bowl off my first ever hit! I felt fucking awful for about 10 mins and wondered what the fuck I had just done to my throat!!! For this reason I would say a joint is the best way to ease someone onto it!

    (having said all this, It didnt put me off smoking as I loved the feeling of being stoned and have smoked ever since! It just depends on if you think your mate could handle a bong as his first time! I know a couple of people who tried a bong for their first time and they hated it so much they wont go near it again! so its horses for courses! (or swings and roundabouts!)

    Just have fun and take it easy!!!!
  13. definately a bong and if you have no bong get a good blunt not a black n mild but definately a bong get him as high as possible for his first time i'm talking hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhh
  14. i think that for the first time smoker you should get as much average grade weed as you can (so you don't get used to the high class expensive stuff unless u have the money for it which in that case go for it) and load up on supplies food, stuff that you enjoy doing when your high ect. and round up a few differnt sized papers something like 1 inchers to as big as you can get; some blunt shells, a bong a pipe anything else you have access to and make your first time a time to remember. smoke as much as you can but have some people who have been smoking a while so that they can look after you but not some assholes that fuck with you! and just chill and enjoy the feeling.

    "eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die"
  15. frist i got to say i crashed hard three hours ago and i am slow right now! nexts ,joints are my gods chose! and he would know!when he bruns one we lose half of calf.or fla.smokeing threw a real shot gun been there and enjoyed it dude,best in the old long barel singal shots ,i have a ten gage in my gun cabinet that has never been shot and has been fired often,lol do try to smoke to much the frist time but find the best weed you can ,if you have smoke try to find some smoke that has been cured well,it well be smoth and taste well add to a memberful frist time for your friend!to much sure you have a place to crash , a safe place you dont know if he well smoke to much! smart thinking alwas makes it smother going,enjoy and remember smoke with friends can be a lot of fun as well as knowing them better!keep the mode light and up lifting ,good luck tazz11
  16. While you are debating how to smoke it... i got it rolled... packed... poked... licked... and fucking half goddamn smoked... if you want to tolk... fucking toke... talking about it only makes more fucking cannabis mags!
  17. I smoke an z per 2 weeks
    I smoke from a badass bong and sometimes j's mostly the bong and on road tripps I like my dugout it rules no one can tell that I lit that cigg loking thing 10 times in 2 miles why wont this cigg stay lit? hahahahaha

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  18. First off I would recommend a joint for the first time or a glass pipe. Either should do the trick quite nicely. Also in response to the knife question I'm not sure if I completely understand 420girl's response cause I've never heard of smoking herb that way but I have done that to smoke hash. What you do is get yourself two butter knives and a 20 oz. soda bottle or something comparable like a tolilet paper tube or something. If you use a soda bottle you cut the bottom 1/4 of it of off so you have a open tube. Then you cut off a small portion of hash and set it aside. Take the two knives and set the tips of them on a burner on your stove that's turned on high. Let them sit there for about 2-4 minutes until they are nice and hot. Pick up the knives and be ready with the mouth of the soda bottle in your mouth or in someone elses. Take the knives and pick up the piece of hash between the hot tips. It will begin to burn immediately and quickly I might add so be ready. Put the open end of the soda bottle over the smoke coming from the knives and suck away. It gives you great hits. Hope this help explain things.

    peace, love, and ganja!
  19. Some bong hits will be maybe to much, a nice jay or a pipe could make the work nice

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