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How do you smoke your Kief?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Shpongle247, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. i am curious as to how people smoke there kief . i want to make sure i do it right the first time so i don't waste any of it :)
    i just got a grinder with a catcher in it and i am loving it so far
  2. what i do is grind some weed up and put that in the bowl then put the keif ontop of that so it doesnt go through the holes... it works pretty well
  3. save it till u have a decent bit and press it into hash...
  4. it really depends on how you like it

    1) put some on weed in bowl
    2) smoke by itself
    3) roll a j with it

    never had enough keif to roll a j but i would love too
  5. a keif j would be fierce as fuck dude! I like to smoke bowls of keif. or sprinkle on top of a fat bowl
  6. I've given this a lot of thought before: Put a little on top of bud in a bowl, add more after each hit.

    Do not put more than you can consume in one hit. It does not stop burning. Just refill little by little after each hit.
    I have a press, and it's only useful if you're taking your keif out and about. If you are using it at home or in the car, then the powder form is the better way to go. It will burn evenly, quickly, and you lose none if it. Every time I put it into the press I lose some. It's easiest to use an id card to put it on top of a bowl (or the pick if you have spacecase like I do).
    No joints. Why waste gold? If you have no choice, put it all at the front and take a super massive hit. Then put the joint out while you cough for the next half hour. :)
  7. Yeah, if it not compressed just sprinkle some on top of a bowl. If it is pressed then pack a bowl of straight kief. It is a great buzz.
  8. I enYoY smokin my kieef on thee a snappers.
  9. grind some weed. fill bowl half way a little less. pour some keif from my grinder on some grinded nuggage. then topp off the bowl with some more mary j. then smoke and get blaaaazeeedddd
  10. Fat bowls of it in the Bong. :hello:
  11. When you run out of weed scrape your pipe (if you have one of course) and roll the resin ball around the keif catcher. It gets me nice and high.
  12. i dont think so, thatd make the kif catcher all ressiny and fuck shit up in the future, i wouldnt suggest this.
  13. How do I smoke it? With a lighter
  14. I like to break up a bowl of some nice dank and then scrape all the kief into the pile and stir it all up. I do this because i always thought touching the flame to it directly would cause me to lose some of the thc to combustion, but i base this off of no research.
  15. only time i ever smoked keef it was with this tiny tiny bowl with a very long stem. :smoking:
  16. on top of a bowl or put it in a blunt with weed
  17. i usually sprinkle some on top of my personal bowls or ill save it up for a long time and press it into a keif stick or roll it into a keif joint
  18. Kief J's aren't as epic as they seem. The kief burns too quick and they canoe like injuns.
  19. lmao i do the same excact thing, and also base it off no research...way i see it, no matter how it is smoked you will be :smoke::smoke::smoke:

    edit: sorry, didnt realize thread was 3 yrs old lol
  20. I roll it into a small ball/balls and put it on the side of my pipe and then heat a paperclip until its red hot and it makes it a cleaner high and it also fun to see it bubble and become a vapor.

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