How Do You Smoke Wax?

Discussion in 'General' started by gaschamber420, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. 1.Put it ontop of bud

    2. Get the pipe with the biggest bowl and layer metal screens like 5 and put the wax on the screen and when it melts on the screen it stays on the screen so you just hit the screen and you get a big ass hit :hello:
  2. Did you just answer your own question?
  3. I usually just pack a normal bowl and just add the wax right on top of the bud
    And light it

    I usually just need one fat snap to be really high

    My sesh are no more than than 8 mins
  4. Adding wax on top of ur bowls isn't the brightest idea; you're supposed to heat up a titanium nail with a torch, put a vapor globe over the nail and use a dabber to burn the wax down. Burning it in ur bowl won't properly break down the wax's potency so majority is wasted.
  5. Oil Dome and I have a 4.0 Nano w/Skillet

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