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How do you smoke it?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokeitup421, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Do you add anything to your weed when you smoke? like tobacco? or do you smoke it straight, just the weed by itself?
  2. lacing weed is a waste of money and time. Fuck that shit smoke dem tree's plain. IF you aint high enough then that means you need to get off that bap.
  3. I've quit smoking cigarettes so, no, I do not add tobacco to my weed, although I hear they do that in Cologne.
  4. the only tobacco i'm smoking with my weed is from the blunt
  5. Or when the weeds alittle damp and you want it too burn good, fucking laceing cause its a waste,
  6. i smoke straight herb, always
  7. By itself in a tobacco cigar wrap.
  8. weed topped w/ kief
  9. I believe that jesus would only want us to smoke strait up ganj
  10. i love spliffs tho man. that shit hits u quick
  11. With a fatass crack rock on top.

    Just playin'. I smoke my weed by itself in my little color changing glass spoon sitting next to my hand right now.
  12. ^^ good laugh

    I like straight weed, dried so it breaks up nice and crisp w/ the fingers not a grinder. Stems go in a kief box to be shaken. nugs get dealt with in a glass bong usual;y with ice :bongin:

    I always hate when someone passes you a spliff with out tellin you first..i always feel like im gonna yack

  13. Haha, I love spliffs but I always warn my friends if that's what I rolled. Some of them can't stand it.
  14. I also love spliffs, but spliff hits are just as good in my book.
  15. I put a bit of tobacco in the bottom of my bowl if im smoking resin so the resin balls dont fall through. But I dont smoke cigs, so the tobacco gives me a huge headrush, then a few minutes later im baked off the resin, I love it.

    One time when I smoked salvia my friend had an herb mix he through in the bowl before the salvia, it was some stuff like lavender and some other herbs like that, really made it taste good.

    But smoking weed I never mix it with anything.
  16. Umm...

    I believe we have a FORUM for this.

  17. if im runing low on bud i mix a few bowls with 3 to 1 parts with newport tabbco it gets me really fucked up for longer!
  18. Straight up cheeba. unless it's wrapped around a bluntski
  19. Yup thats the only way
  20. Straight bud. Unless I have coke of course. It does the body good.

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