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How do you smoke in your room?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sneakytokes, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Blow the smoke into a roll of Toliet paper filled with dryer sheets
  2. Smoke it, blow smoke out, and then do like always and use the Febreeze like you're a water sprinkler doing that lawn sprinkle dance movie. You know.
  3. Sitting Indian style on my bed, with my bong. My step dad doesn't care that I smoke weed. He does however hate that I smoke cigs. So I use incests or turn on my A/C for a little bit.

    Or smoke weed to cover the cig smell. :D
  4. I put a fan pointing at my window and blow smoke just out window. I don't take any other precautions. Seems to be fine, ha.
  5. I vape in my dorm, but still I febreeze everything. I've been doing this for two years since ive been here and have never been caught
  6. I am currently using an apple bong in my room during the day when no body is home,I have a little grow corner of random plants by my window.So there is a fan right underneath it I switch it on when I toke up,Spray some Deo and open some windows :) Then I let natures breeze takes it's place :);)
  7. If you have nazi bitch weed hating parents like me, you have to be extremely cautious and paranoid, which I am really good at when I'm high. Here are the steps that I take to get high...even though it's really sad we have to go through all these measures just to get high, lol.

    1.Smoke when parents are out (so they can't catch you in the act), or do it when they're asleep.

    2. Put a towel covering the bottom of the door (so the smell can't get out of your room)

    3. Go outside on blacony (or open window), I like to pack it and light it up here since the weed I have is super smelly, and stinks up my room when it's out of the airtight pill case I keep it in. Also put on a sweater, or a bathrobe.

    4. Light that shit up ***** and smoke out the window or on the edge of the balcony, be sure to after you light the bowl you keep the bowl covered so the smoke doesn't infect you with the smell. But be quick about it 2 bowls should be enough for 6 minutes (WHEN SMOKING DO NOT TRIP UNTIL EVERYTHING IS PACKED)

    5. Get rid of the sweater/bathrobe since it's smelly, clean your pipe/bong and pack it away with your weed, make sure it is a good hiding place. (IF YOU HAVE A BONG, BE SURE YOU HAVE A METHOD OF CLEANING IT, BONG WATER IS SMELLY RADIOACTIVE SHIT THAT NEEDS TO BE RID OF- My method is to pour it off the 10th story balcony, rinse with some water I have and clean it out)

    6.Spray some axe, or put on some deodorant on yourself, chew some gum(your breath smells), put some eye drops to get rid of the demonic eyes you have and wash your hands, or use some antibacterial soap or whatever it's called.

    7. Keep the window/balcony door slightly open, you never know if you're smelling like weed stinking your crib up.

    8. Act normal, but triiip the fuucccckkkk OUUUTTT:smoke::smoke::hello::hello::hello: :metal::metal::metal::metal: :bongin: :bongin: :bongin: :bongin:

    So remember: Smell, Sanitation, and being cool.:cool:
  8. Contrary to popular belief ghosting does not remove any smell. use a sploof or go outside. Those are your best options.
  9. my parents are huge weed haters. but here is my method i use:

    -wait til they go to bed
    -lock door
    -put towel under door
    -toke up
    -blow smoke into a towel or some thick fabric
    -put everything away (or smoke more :))
    -chiiiiiiill to some Mac Miller. :smoke::smoke::smoke:

    [ame=]YouTube - Mac Miller - Purple[/ame]

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