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How do you smoke in your room?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sneakytokes, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Just go outside, unless its -20 and snowing, like in Canada right now :/ or else sploof, out the window. Use a pipe and pack one hit at a time.
  2. Just do it anyways. Make sure the smoke goes out a window. If the smell is in the room at all you are for sure doing it wrong.

    Get stealthier : 'P
  3. i use this to help with my asthma but it also works wonders at eliminating smell from even the skunkiest bud. it dosent totally get rid of the smell but it makes a huge difference it gets rid of all the smoke in the air and makes it practically undetectable

  4. pack like 6 dryer sheets into a used up toilet paper roll. Just cover the bowl after each hit and exhale through the roll.
    I promise you that shit will keep you hidden
  5. Definitely a vape

    Ozium is the best!
    Get it!

  6. It's called a sploof bro. And it's been said dozens of times already on this thread.
  7. Its gonna smell stenchy for at least 15 to 20 mins after you smoke. I have 4 windows in my room so im kinda lucky with 2 closet doors and an attic door all in my room. The only thing that i try to avoid is turning the lightson and off to pack bowls.
  8. ...I always used to tape up the cracks of my door with sellotape (sticky tape) and then towel the door, open window, incense. Worked a treat. But I rarely smoked inside to be honest, it's better off to smoke outside if you are living with people who disapprove.
  9. I usually don't smoke in my room (mostly vape), because I don't want my whole place smelling of weed. But when I do I put a damp towel under the door, blow the smoke out the window, light a candle and turn on a fan to air out the place.
  10. I haven't smoked in my room since I was 16 lol, Just wait until you can go outside and smoke in your driveway or something or just go and walkaround and burn a bowl or something.

    Remember you might not smell weed in your room but other people will find it reeks even if you take precautions lol.

  11. LMAO sploof?

    thats sounds like an accident bound to happen during sex.

    its phoof.

    hence the phoof sound it makes when you blow through it.

    heck i would not want one that made a sploof sound...

  12. Type in sploof on gc forum search....or on google...or youtube. That's what it's called man.

    EDIT: then type in "phoof" in google.....nothing even closely related.
  13. i smoke in my room every night in a very hostile non smoking environment, my number one advice would be. only pack what you can snap. meaning, only pack what you can take in one hit that way you don't have extra smoke filling up the air, and learn how to ghost your hit, so that when you exhale you don't smoke up the room too much, also keeping a window open is always key. (optional) use a sploof if you want they help some used to use one day in college when i was living in the dorms, worked for me but i felt silly exhaling into a empty toilet roll.
  14. i got 3 adults in the house who havent touched marijuana and dont think to positively of it

    i still spark whenever i want, it doesnt really smell. im usually vaping so its even better

    if it smells the moms just says its smells i be like fuckk well shiit i dunno. maybe some fabreeze/something is sprayed in the hallway

    then i close the door and its all good:smoke::smoke:

    good life, im glad i have it
  15. close the door, walk up the stairs, grind bud, pack bowl, light bud, inhale, exhale. that is all, all done in my computer chair/bed/recliner :smoke:
  16. mflb? I use to worry about smoking inside until i got one... and blunts/joints are usually outside things homboy, very smelly.
  17. Idk about you guys but.. I personally just pack a bowl small enough to easily take in one hit. Fold up a towel. Blow that smoke right into the towel. Then either spray it with febreeze or just soak it in water. I literally have no problems with smell..
  18. They probably smelt the insence....
  19. Don't do it if you're not allowed, but if you're gonna

    - sploof
    - thumb bowl
    - smoke near window
    - leave all windows open
    - use fan
    - spark candle and use incense lightly, moving the stick around the room to get it thoroughly around then put it out

    doing this you should be good
  20. My dad worked at Milwaukee Public Schools for like 150 years so he KNOWS the smell of pot. I got caught once and now I can't open my window (It's loud as shit) without being suspicious. I used to just blow the smoke out of there which was great. Can't lock my door anymore either.

    Now I do all this dorky shit because getting caught wasn't fun... I tell the rents goodnight even if it's like 8 o clock lol. Then I close the door and put laundry under the covers to make it look like I'm curled in a ball sleeping in case they open the door to make sure I'm in bed.

    I go in my closet and stuff a sweatshirt under the crack in the door. Then I light up :smoking:
    Of course I blow it out through a sploof and thumb the bowl. I think it's pretty safe because there's no smell from the almost sealed closet, and if they open the door to check on me I just have to keep still and quiet for a second until they leave.

    I know, I'm pretty lame. Don't hate. Peace on Earth.

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