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How do you smoke in your room?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sneakytokes, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. haha fucking baked this shit made me laugh
  2. Do you guys even enjoy your high when you smoke lmao? It seems like the process of smoking is the most enjoyable part, mind you I do love smoking. :smoke:

    I stealth smoke all the time in my room, but honestly the only thing I do is I close my door, wait until my mom and brother are in bed, and then I grab my bong and rip it, and I just exhale into the open air. I don't even blow it out my window or put anything under the door.

    For those of you who want to smoke in the day make sure you have at least 3 hours, because I find after that time the smell is completely eliminated from the room.
  3. Im sure its been said but,

  4. I blaze in my room with no worries now, but I used to have to worry about parents.

    My tip is to use a sploof and, more importantly, ghost your hits!. Hold your breath as long as you can, then exhale. There will be barely any smoke left as it has disipated in your lungs. Now, health nuts will say this is bad for you, but honestly, don't worry about it. You won't die.
  5. dont open the door thats what fucks it up, towl under the door, seals covered (u dont need to go crasy) spray the towel with spray so if any smoke gets out that way it smells like freshner really all i do and dont open the door till u knoe the smell is clear thats the bigest part. open window a crack if u feel theres a lot of wind blowing in, take hits u can manage dont let any smoke from the bowl w/e escape and blow outside or into a sploof if u have 1. yeah ghosting helps me too
  6. DO NOT ghost your hits,
    it is not good for you at all,
    its what 13 year olds do.

  7. I hope that was a joke...You know what else isn't good for you? Coffee, cigarettes, candy, alcohol, high fat diets, too much stress, so on, so fourth.

    We're all gonna die one day.
  8. Spoof, ceiling fan and time, precious precious time

  9. Yeah, I'd rather not hurt myself with a plant that is non-lethal. I don't drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, eat candy once a month maybe, don't drink, my body fat is less than 10%, not stressed (all the trees).

    It's just pointless to kill your brain cells by not giving your brain oxygen. You are literally killing yourself while smoking a plant that doesn't kill you.
  10. i sit on my bed and toke away in peace..

  11. phoof and poof the smoke is gone.
  12. Step 1: Grind up my bud

    Step 2: Load my bowl

    Step 3: Light my bowl

    Step 4: Take a massive hit

    Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 until i cant move
  13. come to my house and spark up?

  14. I didn't say hold you're breath unnaturally long. Just as long as you would when you dive underwater. It's not something I'd recommend doing a lot. But if you gotta smoke in your room once in a while, ghost.
  15. When I lived at home I bought the Vapor Genie to smoke in my room. Sploofed it just incase and after each session a little spray of febreez and there was absolutely no smell. Even got away with a one hitter sometimes, but I usually cracked the window open a bit if I could.
  16. get a vape, its almost no smell , and ive smoked in the shower manytimes you need to

    1. turn on shower
    2. turn on vents in bathroom
    3. towel under the door
    4. smoke on
    5. leave vent on over night to suck up smoke
    6. freebreze every hour
  17. Vape or smoke outside.
  18. Use a hitter, fold up a couple dryer sheets into layers and blow your smoke through them and into a blanket or pillow, no smell or smoke will escape
  19. #59 MLark, Feb 16, 2011
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    What an obnoxious little twat. I don't care how many posts you have you come off like a weak little man.

    Anyways just stick your head out the window kid. Don't play around or keep looking around, just stick with that.

    Name-calling... disrespect... you can call it whatever you like, but the fact of the matter is that it isn't permitted, accepted, or even wanted on this forum. Clean up your act or feel free to join a less-moderated board. -Durchii
  20. This was my method when I had to blaze all incognito.

    1. Get a sploof. Toilet paper roll with dryer sheets stuffed in it, rubberband around the end to ensure it stays on there, but that's my choice.

    2. Get a towel, wet it, and strain it out until it isn't dripping. put it at the bottom of the door.

    3. Best choice when deciding what to smoke out of is either a pipe or a vape. even though a vape dosen't smell, if you still feel paranoid about getting caught, then you can use these steps for such. Get your pipe and pack it up, and depending on what size bowl you have, get a coin, such as a nickel, quarter, maybe even half dollar.

    4. spark up the bowl and continue to smoke as normal, if there is a cherry after you carb, place the coin over the bowl.

    5. blow your smoke through the sploof, and after the cherry smothers out. Repeat steps 4 and 5.

    Sorry if that was long, i'm really baked and tried to add a ton of detail.

    That was just my method and it served me right for 5 years.


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