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How do you smoke in your room?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sneakytokes, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Man some assholes think their so smart. Well if your gona be smoking something like cat piss, or any other musky/skunky smell try to smoke outside. But if you cant, or just dont want to lol. Try packing small hits and taking it all down so no extra smoke squirts out of the bowl. And if you can do that out of a window. But also hold your hit in as long as you can, and blow into a towel very slowly (also try to do this out of the window lol) This almost completely eliminates the smoke. Then spray some air freshener around the room. This worked when i was in a non-smoking hotel room. While my parents were in the room next to me :smoke:
  2. pretty much. if your windows are open and your flopping everywhere, and blowing the smoke everywhere, the smoke particles will go all over the place. i've honestly straight smoked a whole blunt in the corner of the room and i don't let out huge cloud exhales and you couldn't tell pot was smoked in the room when you walked in until you walked over to the corner. the smoke particles are basically sitting over there in the corner lol. i also feel that maybe standing up + heat, more of the smoke stays at a higher level in the room above nose level. if you have the sun coming through your windows and you smoke, you can see the smoke just kind of sits there suspended in air for awhile. its not like whooshing around filling the room up.

    oh you can always smoke in your closet if you got one lol. i do this sometimes just for the fun of hotboxing the shit out of my bedroom closet. i also bake out the trunk of my car sometimes too lol.
  3. Well I usually pack the bowl, or bong, and then combust the plant material with a lighter. Then you breathe in, while lighting said plant material. Make sure you inhale all the smoke. Then exhale (breathe out). I believe that is the process of smoking, and how I do it:hello:
  4. i just make a sploof and then spray febreze after im done toking to be sure. the sploof is the the stealth tokers most useful weapon. masks the sent almost completely. eventually the dryer sheets turn a brownish color after many uses so i always get fresh ones.
  5. Once you have your own home and you have to buy all your own shit you will understand what it is to respect property. For now, respect the parents rules man, it's the least you can do. You live there for FREE.
  6. Everyone is calling weed pot today..HO HUM
  7. I have a brilliant idea. Get a hitter box/hitter. put them in your pocket, and go outside for a walk. If you can't hold your shit together enough to get back inside without getting caught, then the smell of pot in your room could be the least of your worries...

  8. you sir, have absolutely no knowledge of diffusion and are spreading horrible advice to this poor fellow
  9. Take a hit and cap your bowl... lean your head out your window and exhale. No residual smell.
  10. You have it MADE.
  11. Take a bilk gallon and fill it with dryer sheets and febreeze take a hit and blow into the gallon screw the top and shake you might want to put a hole in the top
  12. I've noticed the same thing o_O
  13. You should respect the house rules but when i was a youngin' I would put a towel under the door... pretty sure it does nothing because smoke rises but whatever. I always smoked either my bowl or my bubbler. Would put a fan blowing air outside my window and whenever I lit the bowl I would literally stick my entire head outside the window, light it, smoke it, and blow it all out the window. I also always waited till everyone was asleep in the house.

    Also, to the person saying he would smoke a blunt in the corner of his room and it would only stay in the corner of the room... that is retarded and in no way possible. Blunts absolutely reek. If you lit up a blunt in your room I could personally guarantee you the entire room would stink as well as the entire house.
  14. Agreed. Even a small pipe will smell up the entire room if you just exhale into the air.
  15. why would you be smoking in the house during the day
    are you slow?
    go outside... common sense
  16. I smoke in my room all the time.

    I open my window and light the bowl with my head and bowl outside of the window so nothing gets in.

    You're just nervous dude, I remember I was the first couple of times, but you really have nothing to worry about.

    And mind you I'm a VERY cautious and paranoid person, and I don't put a towel under my door or use a sploof, I spray some fabreeze but I don't even think it's necessary.

    I don't see what's so hard, if you light your bowl and inhale and exhale while leaning outside the window, no smoke gets in your room.

    Oh btw if you don't have windows for some reason you're pretty much fucked.
  17. The way I do it step-by-step:

    1.)Make sure everybody is asleep
    2.)Lock my door and put a blanket under it
    3.)Open my window, but keep the curtain down (I have nosy neighbors)
    4.)Put a small fan in the window blowing OUTSIDE
    5.)Load ONE hit at a time (no need to cap the bowl)
    6.)Hold smoke in as long as possible and then exhale in FRONT of the fan
    7.)Put everything away when I'm done
    8.)Open window all the way with curtain open and fan going still for around 15 minutes
    9.)Remove blanket from under my door

    Excuse for blanket under the door: I'm keeping the heat in my room because it's cold and I don't want to waste electricity with the heater going.

    Things to note:

    *Patience will make a big difference (if you're wondering if it's a good time to smoke, it's not)
    *Don't smoke joints (they're a waste of weed and VERY smelly)
    *Use hand sanitizer when you're finished, this will kill the smell on your hands
    *Make SURE your vents are closed
    *Do NOT use a ceiling fan as they just circulate the air

    Also, just because I have to hide the fact that I smoke does NOT indicate that I'm under 18. I live with my very old school grandparents and I don't pay rent, so I'm respectful.
  18. i smoke...? lol
    i recently created a device for smoking joints inside while i was high... sort of a water bottle sploof with a bottlecap with a black and mild filter to hold the J and a big carb hole to inhale fresh air through...
    when i blew the smoke out it still smelled like weed NEED MOAR SPLOOFS.

  19. lol that would suck.
  20. vape vape vape vape vape!!!!!!!! over the summer i lived with my parents so i decided to buy and iolite vaporizer (i highly recommend it). ive vaped 3+ bowls in my room in less than an hour and ive had my mom come in during a session and she didn't smell a thing! just be careful. if you want to be sneeky vaporizing is the way to go. theres a very very faint smell but it doesnt really smell like weed. light a candle and you're golden. just remember to use eyedrops and keep mints/gum handy.

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