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How do you smoke in your room?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sneakytokes, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. recently, i have started sparking up in my room.Im trying to make it as not sketchy as possible by thumbing out the bowl after a hit,burning incense (Masks the smoke smell),opening a window, and putting a towel under the door.This was working fine until someone in the house said they smelt pot :( .

    Today,I copped some cat piss and its really skunky (Hence the "cat piss" name.) and im sorta paranoid to spark in my room with it. Any ideas on sparking in your room and not getting caught? (Especially with skunky weed, like "Cat piss")
  2. if you have to hide it, then you probably shouldn't be doing it there. did you miss that?
  3. Before you get all the "Shouldn't you be in school little boy?" posts let me say this.

    Try taking hits OUTSIDE of the window. Instead of lighting it and just blowing the smoke out the window.

    And yes, cat piss is FIRE.
  4. I take a lighter to a joint and I inhale
  5. Sploof. One of the best tools for a stoner in hiding.
  6. Try putting a towel over the top of the door; hot air rises.
  7. Sploof
    And some air freshener spray as your emergency back-up plan.
    Back when I needed to stealth those two items had my back. ALWAYS :smoke:
  8. /thread and +rep
  9. You could make a sploof, or maybe respect whoever's house it is and not smoke in there if they don't want you to....I wouldn't smoke in my parents' house lol but that's just me.
    I've never made a sploof but i've heard that they work pretty good...

  10. Thanks, that answer really helped me out.

  11. they smelt pot?

    are you in eighth grade with a stained t shirt and a whispy stache?
  12. go to the bathroom , turn on the shower and the fan and blow the smke out the fan than how in the shower
  13. Wont work. I remember I once lit up the tiniest clip that only had about 4 good pulls in it, in the bathroom, out the window, while the shower was steaming up the room. I even sprayed febreeze.

    10 minutes later, my dad was banging on my door because he smelled smoke from 3 rooms away. W t f. He has a wolverine nose, however.
  14. don't be sloppy exhaling shit loads of smoke everywhere. i can honestly smoke a blunt in the corner of a room and only that corner will smell. its weird but then again i don't blow huge clouds of smoke when i exhale. it's not really that hard to keep places/things from smelling like dope.

    also, they sell window fans that have a reverse option as well. invest in one or an apartment.
  15. I either vape on my mlfb or I don't at all.
  16. lmao it probably blew over to his window lollll
  17. are you that lazy u cant just walk out side to light up? this way you wont get in trouble and you'll be showing some respect
  18. Ahh, America, the good old smelting pot of the world

  19. Do you suggest smoking a pipe in the corner of my room? I think that would let off much less smoke.
  20. my friend some good incense and a sploof and your good just let the room ventilate for a few hours after

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