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How do you smoke in your room.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tinkerbell26, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Ok i know this isnt really encouraged on here but lets face it some of us smoke in our rooms bc they have no where else to do anyways how do you smoke in your parents room and not get caught?

    I use a chillum (i call it a bad) i just light,smoke,cover the end and the part i put my lips on so smoke doesnt escape ,spray a little air freshner ,eat/drink something to cover my breath and im done....what about you?

    Oh and i hold the smoke in (i was told its called zeroing is that right?) long enough(3 or 4 mins) that when i do blow out virtually no smoke comes out.:smoking:
  2. vape.

    dont hold that smoke in. gross. use a sploof.
  3. [/QUOTE]

    why ? Whats a sloof?:confused:
  4. why ? Whats a sloof?:confused:[/quote]
    Spoof; i.e. A toilet paper roll stuff with dryer sheets.

    I just go outside and smoke.

  5. Paper Towel/Toilet Paper roll stuffed with 3-4 dryer sheets. Usually you should rubber band one over the end cause they tend to fly out otherwise. One time I had the front dryer sheet break while I was blowing and the other sheets flew across the room in a ball. My friends and I could not stop laughing.
  6. Oh i couldnt do that my tightwad step dad counts YES IM SERIOUS COUNTS the dryer sheets cuz he says we use to many when drying clothes....i live with a dumbass yes i know any sloof alternatives?
  7. ok kid, not to be arrogant but heres some advice.
    chillums are called bats, not bads. (typo maybe?)
    dont hold your smoke in for 3 minutes. all you need to hold it for is five seconds. any thc that would get absorbed after five seconds is so minimal you're losing more smoke just off the burning cherry. and i doubt you can hold your breath that long anyway, though i might have misunderstood you.
    just be careful, blow the smoke out your window, and don't make it too obvious to your mom and dad that you're high.
    also, try and find some good smoking spots outside. i know you cant always smoke wherever you want, but its always nice to have some variety as far as your surroundings go.

  8. I
    dont think youre being arrogant ...I hold the smoke in not for thc but bc the longer you hold it the less smoke comes out which means less of a smell....i also hold the lighter over the end to put out the less smell and no burning :) ..oh i know its called a bat lol i mistyped thats what happens when you type in the dark lol
  9. you want to smoke in your parents room? do you not have your own? I would recommend smoking in the bathroom

    Steam up the bathroom really well (close windows and towel under door and turn on shower hottest). Put bud in a bowl so you can finish it in one hit. Smoke up and then cover the bowl with your hand. You can hold it in for 3 minutes if you REALLY don't want any smoke to get out but if you blow in a sploof that should be fine. Blow out a window through a sploof and afterwards wash hands with soap, use mouthwash and febreeze. Turn on fan or open window in bathroom and just leave the door closed so no smoke will come into the room.
  10. God no lol i have my own room i woud never smoke in theirs do u assemble a sploof
  11. a chillum or bowl is best...joints aren't a good option if you're trying to be incognito as they stay lit for as long as you're smoking. blow the smoke out the window...put a folded towel at the foot of the door...light an incense stick (nag champa is my personal favorite and scents my room heavily) and relax. :)

    if you can't do the incense thing, glade has concentrated air fresheners that work really well. hope that helps! :smoking:
  12. I open the window and put a blanket under the door and just smoke. My room reeks but I only do it after my family is asleep. Works perfectly. Spray some air freshener when done.
  13. oh haha. yeah i usually just do what i said above and even then i get lazy. I just use a towel, the fan on (no window) and afterwards febreeze. and ive never been caught,. the first time you should use a sploof and everything just to be careful.

    Sploof: take a toliet paper/paper towel roll (the brown part) and stuff in 4-5 dryer sheets. Take one sheet and cover one hole. Use a rubberband to keep it in place. Then smoke and blow out the sploof
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    I find that using stuff like air and incense only make it more obvious... I once had a bottle of this odorless spray, that would get rid of any smells in a room and not leave its own smell behind. But I ran out and don't know what its called : ( If anyone knows tell me.
  15. #15 fashow69, Oct 10, 2008
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    if you must smoke in your room theres a couple things that I do that I find to work... 1. make a sploof or not but either way blow the smoke out the window allways put out the cherry after you take your hit, another great Idea being because Im a hookah smoker have a hookah going before you smoke so when your done you can enjoy a nice hookah and the hookah smoke will cover up the bad smelling smoke ( some shishas actually have a pleasant smelling smoke)... but if at all possible just smoke outside... I only recomend the Hookah thing if your parents know you smoke a hookah and dont mind... My parents know I smoke a hookah and they dont care but dont know i alos smoke the other "stuff" so if your parents are cool with hookah then if they ever knock on your door all suspicous asking if your smoking you can be like yea my hookah!!! instant cover up and its flawless...
  16. yeah. if your parents are okay with you smoking cigs then just light a cig after. you don't even have to inhale it just use it to cover up the smell.

    if they know you smoke but aren't necessarily 100% okay with it just blaze first and see how smelly it is. if it smells really bad afterwards i would just smoke a cig. try getting outside really is the best
  17. If you can't get dryer sheets for a sploof, buy your own dryer sheets. Another alternative is tissues sprayed with cologne, but this doesn't work as well and you need to respray every time you smoke or else it doesn't work (lost a 1/4 of headies learning that the hard way).
  18. search my name and look for some threads ive posted to apprentice tokers

  19. I never used it but I think its called Oust, I remember seeing a commercial a year or 2 ago and It said something like it doesn't just mask the odor it eliminates it.. Or some shit like that.. I dunno i gotta try it out sometime..
  20. yeah it works AND its cheap...i love it

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