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How do you smoke in the cold

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by djbaseball24, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. How do you guys prepare for a session in the freezing cold. I get hoody on sweats/jeans winter hat and gloves. I dont really like the cold. Idk if I should I load up 2-3 bowls for outside(live with my rents) or smoke a blunt outside....
  2. well i live in canada and work in an arena for most of the winter

    i can stand the cold

    stood outside in pajama's and smoked a couple bowls today
  3. When I lived back home in Mass. I liked the nice comfy hoody, a pair of corduroys and a beanie, then I would rather smoke a J or a Blunt, then pack bowls outside..if it's really cold then roll a blunt and put on some gloves, that way you stay warm and get lifted :p Eathier way be safe and enjoy your night!!
  4. I live in Georgia so I doesn't get that cold. And anyways I stoped going outside after I remebered my mom can't smell
  5. just wear a bunch of layers i just wear jeans, shirt, sweatshirt, winter jacket, hat, and alot of times ill end up takin off my jacket (its in the 30s)
  6. Cakey...i love the cig bro
    fucking crazy:D
  7. I go straight up gangster. I take a family quilt... I wrap myself in it as best as I can, I usually like to make a little hood, put it over my head, wrap it around my body... Then I put my winter coat on, and zip it up over the blanket. I try to let the blanket hang out a little like a skirt, so it covers wind on my waist and stuff... I wear some lounge pants and some clogs, maybe a hat, some fingerless/thumbless gloves... And I'm ready to go. Usually very comfortable.
  8. i smoke in my room. and if im outside, i smoke in my car wit my *****s.
    smoking in cold ruins it.. cant concentrate my high if im shivering.

    i tried to smoke a black n mild one time ( had no weed on me at the time ) and i just threw it out after 2 hits.. to damm cold

    smoking in your room can be done without getting caught if u smart about it

    ex: dont smoke wit door open.. shit like dat lol
  9. i love it winter sessions have always been my favorite ever since i was young i remember stumbling around in the snow blazed out of my mind. Or when i used to get dropped off by one of my older friends when i was a freshman after we chiefed back in the day!
  10. Me and my friend last weekend smoked when it was like 35 degrees out with only a jacket, jeans, and t shirt.

    I hate cold sesh's
  11. What part of Georgia? :p I guess "cold" is subjective, but I freeze my ass off some nights in Atlanta. The other night it was like 31 with a wind chill of about 26. I'm afraid to go out to the suburbs .... those guys don't have pollutant-producing factories to warm them up like we do ....
  12. when i go snowboarding, im usually very layered and warm i wear snowpants, boots, thermals, sweatpants, sweatshirt(hood up, so i can still rock the fitted).. i just bring a bowl and some weed and blaze all the way down the mountain ....and on the chairlift ....and in the car on the way to the mountain ....and in the car on the way home. lol
  13. I fucking love the cold. Had to turn the AC on today cause it's still hot in FL. Smoking a blunt outside in the cold after xmas... I can't wait. (if its even cold :( )
  14. doubt you would love the cold if you had to last through a canadian winter
  15. Like I said in my thread, I say fuck it and go in PJ's, Wife-Beaters and shit. If you can't handle a few minutes of cold for Mother Mary, fuck off.
  16. If I'm outside, I'm usually wearing a hoody. I pack a bowl, zip up the hoody, tuck the hood into the neck hole, pull my arms inside and bake out. It's difficult at first, and I feel like a turtle, but it works.
  17. Woops, I forgot to add ... I just throw on a hoodie and suck it up. Or go on a drive with the windows down (I don't hot box my car ... I like it clean) and turn the heater on.
  18. its cold this morning... but i'm used to it up here in b-lo.... just pop on my coat and hat.... smoke a j and deal....

    of course i'm crazy and ride my bike to work.... so yeah.... i like the cold

  19. if its real fucking cold id wear long underwear, normal clothes, then hoody, jacket, those cheap ass gloves so im able to light the bowl and such, and a beanie. so warmth isnt a problem. its the damn wind.
  20. i pack the bowl inside, and suck it up and smoke outside in the cold if i have to.

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