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How do you smoke bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Poppa Choppa, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Not how do you smoke a bong, how do you smoke a bong?

    I load up a bowl (probably 0.2-0.7 depending on the bud) and smoke it in 1 rip/pull/attempt/w.e. Then I'll smoke several more bowls in my session and that's all there is to it.

    I hear of some people though who pack a bowl and share the same bowl with 2-4 people? How do you do this? Do you do this with like a massive party bowl? Or do you just take only a very small amount of weed? And why do you do this lol, it's like cutting up smarties into small pieces and sharing it.

  2. very easy, you pack enough weed for how ever many people are toking, and then you corner the bowl.....
  3. yeah when im smoking with people, always corner. when im smoking alone i pack 2-3 small bowls like 3-5 hits each. i dont like packing big bowls cause it just turns into a big ball of charred weed
  4. Fat bowls + cornering
  5. I prefer taking personal hits, snaps. Although I've got a nice big bowl for fat seshes.
  6. Individual rips
  7. i usually just pack snaps
  8. I put weed in the bowl, and then light it on fire while I inhale.
  9. Lmao :D
    pretty much this.
  10. I have two bowls for my bong. One holds like 3 hits and is only for personal use. The other is an ashcatcher with abowl that fits about a gram for when friends come over.
  11. I've seen a slide before with a massive bowl that could probably hold a gram and a half, that got passed around a group of 4 people about 3 times.

    But a bowl could go a long way between several people if you just milk n' pull.

  12. Good job reading the thread..

    I know what cornering is, but for me I never do it because I'd rather have a whole bowl to myself. I don't know what the point of sharing anything under a gram is lol. Thanks for the insight on other ways to smoke a bowl.
  13. It's called joking, buddy. :p
  14. Pack fat snaps, usually around .2-.3, and I like to milk it really slow and corner the bowl.
  15. I load ususally around .3, corner, and toke on for about an hour...!!:bongin:
  16. In Canada, you smoke and punch your bowl. Load it up with 1 hit, light it, brew it, pull it through, and inhale. Pass the bong to the next guy to pack a bowl...etc

    I've never seen this cornering thing or seen people smoke a single bowl in 2-3 hits.

  17. In America, we do the same thing. Hey maybe we aren't that different :wave:
  18. i hit a full bowl as hard as i fucking can.

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