How do you smoke a vape in the movies

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Hihowareyou, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Hi so i wanna go to the mid night screening of bruno and i wanted to smoke while watching it...but it still smells a bit and pepole get jumpy...any ideas on how to do it perfectly....i was thinking about a towel that was kinda damp...anyways i was just looking for tips...thanks!
  2. i got a vapir and i got an adapter to hook it up in my car I fill like 2 bags and put in my gf big ass purse and we hit on them during the movie
  3. That's fucking insane. How long does the smoke stay good in the bag?
  4. Thats a girl you don't let go of.
  5. there is no smoke in the bags....
  6. My buddy has a vape that has a tube attachment (forgot what brand it was) and he just throws it in a Big Gulp type cup and "sips" out of it at the movies. Just looks like hes drinking his soda.
  7. omg thank you!!!!!

  8. Yup. Done this with an Iolite. Works great.
  9. about 10-20 min it will turn from semi cloudy to almost clear but still gives a nice clean long lasting high... with kb
  10. That's not too bad at all. That's a nice idea, too. +rep

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