How do you sleep?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bleezie_King, Aug 26, 2008.

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    I sleep naked.

    fuckin rocks

    feels so natural

    EDIT: hell, i'm naked right now ;)
  2. I usually sleep in underwear and maybe a shirt but ima sleep naked tonight just cuz i havent done that in a long time lol
  3. mostly undies, sometimes a tank top.
  4. Got to wear boxers. Girlfriend says i poke her too much :)
  5. :pyou would be;)

    im usually in shorts and a top...unless i get hot..then its nothing...sometiems ill go to sleep with clothes on and wake up nakked:eek:


    but i mix it up more often then not, so i put whatever feels good at the time

    majorty tho, naked

    infact. we should all be naked a lot more then we are

    why not?

  7. srsly, when r we going to get it ovr wit, skittlette?

    lol jk jk

    and the waking up naked thing

    that's weird
  8. Thats quite the avatar Ba1lz420!

    This thread is inspiring me to live naked in the woods.
  9. Naked, Gotta be comfortable when you sleep. Keep the gym shorts by the bed if i gotta do something in the night time. Like fight off robbers, but being naked would be a good defense..... Watch out or ILL RUB MY BALLS ON YOU or worse MUSHROOM TATTOO!!!
  10. when i lived in mass and had an under the bed, ive woken up under it...dunno how i got there..didnt leave my room or ne thing...but considering..its not as weird as that...lolz

    but i bet u think its sexy weird rite??:p

    i kno ba1lz does;)

  11. well . . .

    i'm not using my legs to prop up my comp anymore :cool:

    i kid, i kid

    srsly i kid
  12. LOLERZ!

    but when u gotta say "i kid" three times...still makes me wonder:p

    at least ive nvr done it at a friends house or after a party or some shit..always been in a personal im not worried about it...ill wake up nakked as much as what ever inspires my body to rip off clothes while im dead ass asleep wants me to:D

  13. maybe you sleep walk?

    or sleep strip tease

    ever woken up with a bunch of dollar bills in your undies?
  14. Naked.. most comfortable way to sleep.. if I have someone over and they're in my bed, I'm probably not worried about being naked lol. For everyone else, there's the terrycloth robe.

  15. well..since there would be no i have woken up to find an extra couple bucks in my wallet/purse before:cool:

    i do other things in my sleep to...but i wont go into those details..theres a whole seperate subforum for THAT kinda stuff now:eek:
  16. last summer i slept naked every night

    this summer i've been in boxers every night, i've been naked only like once and that's because i had all my underwear in the laundry

    i think its because last summer i had these nice baby wipes to wipe my ass before i went to bed (to make sure i didn't get shit all over the sheets... those dingleberries can really sneak up on you) but this year i haven't bought any so i don't want to get poop everywhere... not that there's always poop in my ass but i mean, you take your chances
  17. Id go naked if my parents were comfortable seeing my junk all the time. But sleeping naked feels so good. Im taking my pants off right now damnit :eek:
  18. they created you and they're not cool with a package of junk?

    i piss with the door open when i'm at home, walk around naked

    its the life

  19. Would you be comfortable with your parents doing this in front of you? I wouldn't.. close the damn door :D

    /why yes when I lived at home I did yell at my parents for this.. how did you guess lol

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