How do you size someone up?

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  1. Alright, my friends and I always used to have this discussion way back in high school. Pardon me for being a bit vain with this post but when you first see someone, how do you judge them fashion wise? By that I mean, do you judge them by their shoes, pants, shirt, hat w.e?

    My friend and I always say that you can tell what a person is like by their shoes and jeans.
  2. I don't care how a person dresses, nor do I pass judgment according to the way they dress.

    All I need to judge the character of a person is whether or not they make eye contact with me when talking to me. That's it.
  3. If they're shirt has a company (besides clothing brand) or band logo on it, that will help, but clothes usually don't mean shit to me.
  4. If they are an asshole to someone, I assume they are an asshole
    If they are nice, I assume they are nice.

    Just because people dress a certain way doesn't mean shit.I used to do BMX, so I got used to wearing those brands and liked their clothing. I still wear them, but I do not bike anymore. You can't assume shit by looking at someone.

    Also, good luck reading me by my shoes. I am either wearing skate shoes or steel toed boots. I am pretty sure that is 2 completely different scenes.

  5. This right here.

    I don't really give a fuck what people wear.
  6. I don't really give a shit, i really dont care about what other people wear, its their choice, and if they cant afford big logo clothing, then we are no one to pass judgment on them.
  7. suit or non-suit
  8. Everyone I meet, I assume they are a serial killer. That way, if they turn out to be one, I'm not too surprised.
  9. I get what you guys are saying about not judging someone on their appearance, of course it's not your ultimate judgment, however, when you first meet someone you cannot deny that appearance does play a role.

    For example, you can generally pick a homeless person out of a crowd based on their appearance. As you can a businessperson.

    Of course your initial impression of someone is not necessarily how a person truly is, and generally isn't even correct, however clothing is reflective of a person and their interests, which to some degree, helps people feel as if they may share similar interests with someone.
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    call me old fashioned but a person's hands tell me a story

    and of course i'm a believer that body type shapes the generation of our personalities from birth

    so when i "Size someone up"
    its physical

    frame and shape

    clothing not so much

    *save for ones simmilar to those things below me
    a pack of those blonde, spraytanned ladyboys i will certainly judge
    and a harsh judgement it shall be
  11. I try not to judge people by their clothes or hairstyle. Some of the nicest guys I know dress like they live on the streets. But in reality, sometimes you can tell someone's a tool by certain shit they wear, don't lie.

  12. If they aren't white, Christian, blonde hair, blue eyes... then I want nothing to do with them. (Sarcasm)

  13. that is correct. you can tell a lot about someone by the shoes they wear as superficial as that sounds haha
  14. fashion wise, I couldnt care less. unless you are wearing a real madrid tshirt:mad:.

    when I was younger and learning english maintainig eye contact wasnt so easy for me, specially, of course, with attractive girls. lots of people have trouble with it, and it does give you the impression that they are insecure etc...
  15. The most intelligent (and potentially most dangerous people) will attempt to dress like anything other than what they are. Predatory camouflage sort of thing.
  16. shoes. other than that, its not really the kind of clothes you wear. its how you wear them.
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    Hahahaha that comment was fuckin funny.
    I would try and +rep u but I don't know how:(
    Fucking funny tho.

  18. Oh I agree, I didn't mean to come across like I would just immediately hate somebody who can't make eye's just that people that do make eye contact with you are generally actually interested in what you have to say, and that's important to me.

    I know what you mean about maintaining eye contact when speaking a language you're not comfortable with. Despite the fact that I was born and raised here, my parents never spoke anything but Hebrew at home, unless there was a guest in the house, so my formative years (before school) were nothing but Hebrew. When I finally got into school I had really broken English (from TV and what not) and have the worse insecurity. But I picked up on the language quickly, and everything has been good from then on.
  19. the only judgements I can make based on clothes and appearance is
    what kinds of music they like
    I can build farther off of that and assume that they're either poor, or just dirty/lazy
    if they are wearing a hannah montana, or jonas brothers t-shirt, I'll conclude that they are a douchebag, and I won't talk to them
    if they're wearing a Pink Floyd or Pearl Jam t-shirt, I'll say something like "awesome band" and see how they respond

    honestly though, I look a lot more at how a person carries themselves, and what their general attitude is like before I make any real judgements
  20. lol i dont know. i really dont judge by what people are wearing. it's just their fashion sense or what they like to wear

    the shit i wear couldn't really tell you anything about me. actually right now i'd probably be pretty obvious lol. wearing a striped hemp hoodie ... with a blazer over it hahah

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