How Do You See The Future?

Discussion in 'General' started by well highdrated, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. .. in about 100 - 200 years... 
    i used to think apocalypse.
    but i believe that collective intelligence of our people on this planet will "wake up". so now i do i see it more like the utopia.


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  2. In next 50 - 100 years nuclear war destroying good and bad, killing tons of people.

    Next 100-200 years working to rebuild a better earth and the greed counter starts again until another war.
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  3. I think the Amish will be last ones standing
  4. Let's hope not.
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  5. Hopefully the people of the world will log out of facebook, and put down the texting, and stop watching stupid tv( I'm talkin to you jearsy shore and teen mom), and wake up to the fucked up world aroud them. (God knows europe is ahead of schedual)

    So unfortunatly I hope the future brings revolution. Maybe people will drop all there greed, hate, and materialism. And finally get in touch with nature and each other.
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  6. I just deleted my facebook account and couldnt be happier
  7. Wait a second---Is that first picture of modern day Detroit?
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  8. [/quote]
    I just deleted my facebook account and couldnt be happier[/quote]

    Just hope that wasn't sarcasm

  9. Technology would be far more advanced than it is now plus everything would be portable sized to fit in our pockets. I'm still waiting on my hovercraft and flying cars. 
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