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How do you see marijuana 5 five years from now?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PublicEnemy20, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Do you see it being completely legalized, or legalized for medicinal purposes as some states have done now? My mom mentioned that when my sister was in high school in 2001, marijuana was viewed to be as bad as coke and heroin. Nowadays she says she'd rather see the kids smoking weed than tobacco.

    I look around me and EVERYONE smokes weed. Every single one of my friends smoke weed on a day to day basis, it's impossible for me not to smoke weed. Sometimes I honestly have to step back and think, why isn't marijuana legalized?

    I don't see it being completely legalized honestly, there is no fucking way a beautiful drug like marijuana can be regulated properly. Plus, conservatives will go ape shit if marijuana legalization ever got to the drawing board.

    Thoughts anyone?
  2. I think in 5 years a few more states will legalize it if it goes well in Colorado and Washington.
  3. 5 years? I really don't see any changes, maybe a few more states allowing medical and few states that are already medical having weed legal. But as far as the feds go, they will not allow it because there will always be that one person that feeds the brainless sheeps and saying that weed is morally incorrect
  4. I'm pretty sure that for a state law to be made a federal law, at least half the states have to have passed the state law. If 18 states have made marijuana legal for medicinal purposes, if 7 more states legalized medicinal marijuana, then the law will become a federally accepted law. If all 50 states legalized medicinal marijuana, there would be such abuse of the medical system that the government wouldn't have any choice but to legalize marijuana almost completely, similar to what Colorado just accomplished.
  5. i feel like america is to brainwashed for marijuana to ever be fully accepted/legalized. in 5 years i feel like itll be the same as it is now. maybe a few more states allowing medicinal marijuana use and dispensiaries(sp). its just amazing how ignorant people really are when it comes to weed
  6. well if the rate continues at what it is and providing noone abuses the system i forsee total leaglization of up to 3lbs per houshold and no growing aloud unless business or license'd certified....but the chances of that happened are fairly low since to many people are irresponsible and dont care unforunetly. But on a realistic note i think 45% of america will have it legalized for rec or state use and about 65-75% for medical use
  7. I think with the current rate of change being exponential and not linear each year it will be more accepted then the last by a LOT more. like say if you do it by percents 2001 like another poster said everyone hated it so like 10% of people accepted it, then 5 years later it was like 20%, then in 2010 it was 35% then 2012 in most places its over 50%!
    now with the 2 legal states, i think word will spread that smoking weed is awesome and a lot safer then drinking and within 5 years every state will atleast have medical and a lot more legal. because i mean i heard about Colorado/Washington the day it happened it was so sudden whats not to say that could happen to other states?

    Also i think NC will be the next for legalization, 12 out of 13 of the people who decide stuff (having a brain fart and cant remember lol, i hate that) wanted it legal for recreational use, that 13th guy just got kicked out so now all 12 want it legal :D.

  8. 7 more states legalizing medicinal marijuana is sure to happen in due time, but even if it becomes a federally accepted law as you say, do you have any idea how fast the conservatives will work to overrule and prevent complete marijuana legalization? They'll fight it like it's the fucking plague. Plus there is no guarantee that they'll legalize it completely due to abuse. I mean, can you envision a state like Texas completely legalizing marijuana due to "abuse" of the medical marijuana business?
  9. hopefully everyone is aware by then how medicinal this plant is, how extremely useful the hemp plant is, and the corruption and genocide the government is causing is exposed and put to an end.
  10. Its one of the greatest mysteries of our time.
  11. To the guy who posted about NC, I hadn't heard that. I think all states in the south will be most of the last to allow medical or recreational because almost everyone I know is christian. I know christian people that smoke but people down here think that Cannabis is the devil in a plant.
    Edit: I live in NC.
  12. Admittedly, within this past decade, the social acceptance of marijuana has gone way up. Just think about all the Above the Influence commercials that were airing no less than 8 years ago? And look now? No one sees those commercials anymore, and if they do, it's just a huge screaming joke. It seems as if the public in general is becoming more educated on the benefits and truths of weed that counter the myths they learned in grade school.

    So who knows? Maybe things will change in 5 years for marijuana, or maybe the whole legalization movement has reached a plateau? Only time will tell.
  13. The laws against marijuana are both UNNECESSARY and IMPROPER. So once we get congressman who understood the intent of the Founding Fathers it's going to continue to be an issue.
  14. legal in canada
  15. I see Malaysia giving mandatory death sentences on .0001 grams instead of the previous .00001 grams. Hey, it's progress.
  16. I think that there will be a lot more deaths and man-made disasters directly attributed to weed.
  17. I hope so, if the conservatives aren't re elected this is a real possibility in 5 years
  18. I see a few more states legalizing it. ex. MASS, CALIFORNIA, OREGON, AND FLORIDA.
  19. Umm Oregon will probably be legal in the next 4 years. We are kinda Washington's bitch and follow them a lot weed wise.

  20. Definitely Oregon and Cali, don't really see florida legalizing it completely.

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