How do you roll ear wax in your blunts?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by tonetino, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I recently got some earwax hash from my buddy out west. He told me to spread it on the inside of my blunt. I prefer to smoke blunts so i am very interested in how to do this properly. I melted some off a paper clip into a bubbler and it almost killed me i coughed so much. 2 hits i was already GONE. lol...the high was incredible. I am an every day smoker and this hash blew me away. which doesnt happen much. lookin forward to twistin it up in a blunt. thanks to anyone with tips on how to spread this in blunts!!
  2. Maybe heat it up till it get liquidy and runny (if it does that I've never had wax before) and smear it on the blunt? Thats what my friend did when he (for some reason) decided to smoke "lean" blunts. Then just put the bud in and drip more hash on top lol party hard
  3. You just skatter chucks in with the weed befor u roll.

    being that hash is very potent i offer this suggestion.

    just have hash bombs in your blunt, this is how we do it. Just put some hash in the begining and maybe some at the end. But IMO a blunt is pretty wastefull, not i do totaly agree they will fuck u up though. But spread some out cuase if two hits got u wasted then a whole blunt unless between alotta people is just gonna be too much or too wastefull.

    idk im high, i gotta go to work soon. :(
  4. I personally think smoking hashish or kief in joints is probably the biggest waste of all times, don't know if it was just me but we once put alot of hash (ketama) and kief into joints and i wasn't really blazed compared to just hitting the kief straight from a bong which got me really high:D
  5. hahaha i hear ya. I heated it off a paperclip onto a packed bubbler and me and 2 friends all were high like it was in the first time. and we are every day exotiic smokers. I live on east coast but my west coast homies hold me down ;) .. the dispensary this came frm the guy there told me it was great in blunts but not so much joints. he told me just rub it on inside of blunt but said nothing about heating. i just wanna be sure i do it right cuz i dont have that much left lolol...earwax is the CATS ASS as my father would say. meaning its the SHIT. earwax is $40 a gram in sacramento. i keep hearing 65 in so cal. that sucks lolol

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