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How do you rid the bud smell in your room?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Closetganjaman, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. I'm basically growing bud in stealth. My parents don't know but now my plants are starting to smell like a skunks ass. Are there any cheap ways to rid the smell without too much attention. I heard Ozone generators will do the job but when i looked for prices on these things god dang they cost a lot. Any suggestions or know any place i can get a ozone generator under 100 bucks.
  2. look for a cheap carbon filter or and extreactor fan to take the smell away
  3. Hey, I'm thinking of growing in my closet and i have to worry about parents too. I am only going to have 4 plants. How many plants do you have? How bad is the smell? When did they start smelling? I'm think about making a carbon scrubber/filter and hooking it up to the grow box im making. I heard glad plug-ins can help mask the odor. This is what im thinking of making

    I also bought a holmes odor grabber of ebay for $5

    A couple other websites that have alot of info on this kind of stuff are - Hope this helps
  4. Im building a mini version of the homemade carbon scubber, I'll post pics and let ya know how it does tommarow
  5. The Uvonair® attacks and neutralizes odors at the source! Uses ozone to eliminate odors caused by tobacco smoke, mold, mildew, pets, cooking and damp basements. Full one-year warranty. Replacement bulbs available. Uvonair Plus is for rooms up to 5,000 cu. ft. Important to follow manufacturer's operating instructions.
  6. you gotta be careful with those ozone generator, they cause teh cancer so make sure you smoke lots of bud to stay heathy
  7. do they seriously cause cancer?
    I would stay away from those in general then
  8. Well I dont think they cause cancer .if used properly./. Ive been using em for years .. no cancer.. Hmm wondering were that guys info came from.. /
  9. ozone is not healthy. so if you are locked in a small room with a heavy duty ozone generator you might need to worry. but if used properly they work great and shouldn't hurt you.
  10. thank you .. Follow the instructions and the Bud smell is taken care of safely .
  11. YO ,
    you need to know how many cubic feet are in you grow space.. THen buy the one that covers that specfic space. (or roughly close to it) But the way i use it is this . I have a smaller grow room than my entrie basement. So i bought the Big one and put in the Basement and put a fan on it . Not blowing super hard just enough to move air across it , thats it .,.. Works wonders.. GL
  12. i found that axe works VERY well....

    until you get sober and you realize your room smells like weed flavored axe and your parents wonder why you smell decent for
  13. If you don't wanna risk the ozone, you can always buy an ionizer. You can get 'em at wal-mart for like $40. Use one of those and a small home-made carbon filter (You can get active carbon anywhere fish or fish supplies are sold), and you won't have to worry about odor, or ozone :)
  14. I put a plug in air freshener outside the growing room, works well

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