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How do you respond to strangers asking for hook up?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JBright, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I am a strict smoker, and never sell but this dude asked me for some bud where i work, fellow asians and he had 7 of his other friends female and male, asked me if I knew where to get any bud, and I told him some spots that people MIGHT have some. But then I told him to come on sunday and if I have any ill hook him up.

    My question for you guys is will you guys sell to this stranger, btw hempfest is this week I think thats why his trying to get some.

    Either that or I am going to make up some excuse that my dealer is dry right now so Im dry, and cant hook him up.
  2. i kick their ass's...
  3. Just hook him up if you can, why would you lie saying you got none, the bloke is just looking for some bud

  4. Paranoia mainly, I am a very carefree person when it comes to bud, but when it comes to selling, its one of my rules I never sell, so I'm just contemplating, this is basically first time I am helping someone get some.
  5. I don't sell, I don't disclose my dealers names or numbers.
    in this case, if you trust the guy, it couldnt hurt to middleman a deal for him though.
  6. Normally I just tell people I'm not friends with no.
  7. Some drunk guy once told me that if you ask someone if their a cop they have to say yes if they are... So trying asking if he's a cop first haha
  8. [quote name='"The Nickatina"']Some drunk guy once told me that if you ask someone if their a cop they have to say yes if they are... So trying asking if he's a cop first haha[/quote]

    It's a myth, movies always use it and say its considered entrapment but it's not actually true

  9. damn.
  10. Never deal with ppl you dont know well. Easy way to get snitched on
  11. a guy working as a undercover does not have to say they are a cop.

    also, i don't sell to anybody unless i know them well and are friends
  12. Even if I smell like a weed factory. Which is often, due to smoking in the car. When someone ask me if I can sell/get them some buds.. I always say ''fuck you man, I dont smoke weed!''
  13. I'd consider helping, but certainly not if I was approached at WORK. That's asking to get fired!!

  14. I actually met two people who sold herb, at work. Everybody smoked the herb there.
  15. Find out who gave them your number and ask whoever referred them about the new potential customer
  16. If i were you man, just be a middle man for the guy its really not that big of a deal. Ask him a couple questions first, i mean if the guy is really just trying to get it so him and his mates can have a good time at hemp fest then i say theirs nothing to worry about. Why not help someone out in a spot like that!?

    As far as dealing at work... your not. Your hooking a friend up. Just dont give it to him at work and your fine.

    Im sure hes smart enough not to talk and get you in trouble. Remember, he works there too and he bought it from you.

    On the contrary, if your really paranoid you can just say no. If he IS going to hempfest, he will have no problem finding some... even if it is a bit more expensive.

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