How do you resist?

Discussion in 'General' started by just one toke, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. How do you resist toking a bowl when youre on a break? I never really thought I was addicted to weed, but as soon as I had to take a break its become so hard to not blaze a bowl...Its like consuming my thoughts...and it doesn't help that I have weed that I could easily go smoke...
    And for those that say you can't get physically addicted to weed, I know but that doesn't mean you can't get addicted.  I used to be addicted to video games and wouldn't know what to do with my time when I couldn't game and you can't get physically addicted to video games either.
    So far what I've been doing is sitting and listening to music and attempting to do homework which helps but NAS talking about weed in his songs isn't

  2. Transfer addictions?  That's what I do. I got one of them pesky "addictive personalities" even dropping other stuff leads to me drinking 10 cups of coffee a day.
    But my actual advice is find distracting or positive stuff to fill your time.
  3. spend the extra time working out or doing whatever hobby you enjoy. after a few days youll be fine. 
  4. Go bury that weed in your yard till your break is over. Out of sight out of mind, and if you get a hella bad craving just think about how much work would go into getting said smoke outta the ground
  5. That ain't addiction, that's obsession, and to be honest the weed is probably better for you than the video games. Fucking COD man.
  6. Think of it this way. The longer you survive this mission the higher you'll get. If you just smoke your shit now you'll be highly disappointed with the type of high you'll get. Being on a weed forum all the time will not make things any better also. If I was you I would probably drink some alcohol so I can be satisfied with something in my body and not feel sober
  7. I think the biggest part for me was not being able to blow massive clouds of smoke but I got a vape pen with 0 nicotine juice to help with that. If I crave just hit the vape and watch the vapor roll out. That was the big thing for me smoking relaxes me and when I didn't have any it drove me nuts but the oral fixation and mental "I wanna see smoke clouds" thing is helped immensely by the vape pen. Idk if that made sense but I know what I was trying to say

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