How do YOU remember 9/11???

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  1. though the cause for alarm back in 2001 was a dreadful scene of twisted metal, searing fire, and all around a huge wake-up for the american people and their government . . .
    and since i like to see the positive in things in bad scenarios, i shall remember 9/11 as such:

    "oh shit willy brown is shutting down the schools?!?! YAY!!!"

    and being only 12 and hating school (INCLUDING a good portion of the school hated me for what ever teason)

    let's just say that i felt like it was salvation for god (or whatever u wana believe in)

    yeah a day offa school shouldn't cost 5 thousand human lifes, but that is how they'll be remembered, and especailly the FDNY and those brave souls
  2. Me personally, it opened it my eyes and showed me how cruel the real world was.

  3. i think later in life i realized that though it is'nt much of a pollitical issue, but religiously.

    like no religion, no islam, no jihad, twin towers still standing

    idk i just think a world without religion would be a good idea, at least to start out with.
  4. Well yea no religion would make alot of problems go away, but that wouldn't really make mankind less cruel if you know what I mean?
  5. i remember i was like 12 also.

    i was in a study hall class in 8th grade ????

    anyways we actually had it on tv. and about 10-15 minutes before the first tower collapsed, i raised my hand and asked how these buildings had not fallen yet?

    thats really what sticks out to me as my memory of that day.
  6. Yeah I kind of felt bad about posting that just because of the tenderness of the event. I didn't mean to come across as a jerk I just wanted to show an already grown thread
  7. obviously the footage of what happened...

    but most of all thinking about people taking their own lives, by jumping out of windows, instead of dying in that sick manner.

    oh and also praying cuz there was "supposedly" another plane with passengers missing. hmm:eek:
  8. well i was a junior in high school i lived in buffalo ny now here's a little backstory

    my dad works in staten island on a supply ship. Now, on his days off he likes to venture around manhatten. So...naturally when they announced that this took place over the pa, i hauled ass to the library to call my mom. She couldn't get a hold of my dad. We were freaking out. thank god he stayed on the ship that day and he actually saw the 2nd plane hit. They were ordered by coast guard to help out, and they transported people from manhattan to jersey shore. Everyone got a medal for that etc...

    I was in the library watching the whole thing happen, and watching everyone's reaction. This was huge. I mean, i'm from another country myself; was in u.s. for 2 yrs at that point. To me it was a BALLSY and incredible dispicable (sp?) i knew a lot of people in nyc and i was happy to hear they were all fine.

    at the same time i was worried and deeply deeply saddened by the loss of lives. That's a huge amount, and that's right there 6 hours away from me (by car ) So yea it was an enormously tragic event and i had no idea what the government was gonna do. And trust me i was 100% behind em when they decided to go to afghanistan
  9. i just remember the announcement the principal made in HS..over the intercom he told what happened but not that it was on purpose..he just said planes hit..

    i was in history class. and my teacher was just shocked. did not know what to say.

    little did we all know, the towers were to be gone after school went out.
  10. 9/11 - Is my sisters birthday.

    I was in fifth grade at the time. I remember the teachers talking discreetly, not letting us know what was going on/the reason why we were getting out early from school.

    Apparently some of the teachers husbands had been near the WTC towers for some work deal or something they had all traveled out together.

    I remember excusing myself to the bathroom and hearing the older kids in 7th grade talking about it. I had asked what the deal was and they explained it to me.

    When I got home my sister was crying because her 18th birthday was ruined. Our parents had made her stay in, and all that.

    I don't think I really understood, what was actually taking place on the tv.

    I just remember everyone crying.
  11. i also remember alot of upset people and crying. of course.
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    I was 10 years old. I came into our living room, where my parents were watching tv, where I saw the planes crash into the buildings and was like wtf?!

    Three days later, 9/14, it was it 11th birthday and that day had been declared international mourning day. That annoyed me, I must admit. But I was only 11, remember.. I didn't participate in that one minute of silence, though looking back now I can see that it was disrespectful.

    I also remember hearing Bush's speech afterwards and thought "man, he's a great president" lol.

    Oh, and the due to be released Red Alert game was further delayed, cause it had a picture of the twin towers on its' cover.

  13. it's my brother's birthday too. tell her happy birthday! i love virgos! :]
  14. 9/11....I remember it as the day the American government fucked its own people:eek:
  15. I just remember being like, "Oh snap, somebody fucked our shit up." but in a youngster's thought process. It was just another death to me I guess. I wasn't scared for our country, or anything like that. Just went home and likely enjoyed my snack pack like any other day.
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    I think it affected me as much as it did because I was only living a mile and a half from the Pentagon at the time. It sounded like a bomb went off, and I could smell smoke in the air for the rest of the day. All I remember thinking was "they aren't telling the truth," and that night at dinner I expressed that to my parents, and both of them just said "when do they ever tell the truth?"

    It was certainly a terrible day for the United States, but I cringe everytime I think of the innocents in the Middle East that have died because of our unnecessary reaction, despite having nothing to do with the attacks. And yet, here we are 8 years later, with the so-called mastermind of the attacks, Osama bin Laden, still uncaptured, and a number of news stories documenting the fact that the US has time and time again let him get away from capture.

    I feel terrible for the American people that died that day, but I don't feel bad for America. My feelings reside with the people of the Middle East, who are unjustly blamed on a daily basis for something they had no hand in, and for the thousands of innocent people who are killed by our troops all in the name of spreading American "democracy."

    "Fuck America," is all that I can think of today. We have all suffered unnecessarily from the attacks, at the hands of our own government, which is supposed to protect us. I have family back in the Middle East who have died at the hands of American soldiers. The blood of a million+ innocents is now an everlasting stain on this country, and the rest of the world hates us for it.

    I know this was supposed to be about how we remember the event, but everything I said above stems from my memory of the event. I would hope people don't flame me for this, my opinion, but it won't surprise me if I do get flamed.
  17. i remember that morning so clearly. i was in 5th grade. we had literally just walked in when i hear the announcements telling everyone to turn on the news until the buses got there to take us home. Everyone was cheering, until the tv's came on, then there was silence. just silence. Then about 30 seconds after turning on the TV the second plane hit. Some kids screamed, my teacher cried, and it was the first time is said "jesus fucking christ" in front of anyone other than my friends. We got home and my mom was crying telling me what happened and i sat down and watched the news. Then i saw the buildings collapse and my mom was FREAKING out because my dad had actually been in the WTC tower two 4 days before on business.

    My dad was actually in the air on his way to LA when it happened and the happiest moment of my life was when i got that phone call from the air phone from him telling me that he was landing in pheonix and everything was ok

    it was a shitty day to say the least :(
  18. None of the teachers in our school would tell us what happened. It was fucking bullshit. They told us that something serious and very tragic happened and students would be contacted if they needed to be. Finally I broke a teacher and got her to tell me. They let us out of school early and I went to my aunts house to watch it on TV. I just remember them playing it over and over and over on every news channel.

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