how do you release your anger?

Discussion in 'General' started by Acid Raindrops, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. im never angry, it feels like i have so much anger bottled up inside me. i just want to kill someone just once, i feel if i did all my anger would be gone.
  2. me? well i just spark one up, that calms me down. or i beat my broher lol, it mght sound harsh but he can take it rolleyes:
  3. Go workout at the gym, play basketball, smoke a bowl. One of the three usually does it.
  4. baseball bat and a corvette
  5. i mean i can punch something all i want trying to be angry, but i aint really angry at that so theres no emotion being released, if you know what i mean, im only angry when im angry, and when im angry i explode i see red.. sorry if this sounds emo god i just want someone to knock on my door and really piss me off so i can beat the fuck out of them.
  6. Scream vulgar words :rolleyes:
  7. if i can burn one down. otherwise shooting guns is a shitton of fun, or killing kittens
  8. Cool story, man.

  9. I know exactly what you feel.

    Generally I'm a pretty calm and relaxed guy, but when I get pissed, I get fucking PISSED.
  10. Try beatin your meat in a dark room with fuckin children of bodom on full blast.
  11. Same for me, and i am violent...
  12. BTW, +rep for your username OP. PUTS is a sick group.
  13. Yeah funny you should say that, as soon as I read his username I started singing that song.
  14. glad im not alone, it can be over something simple, ill stay pretty calm for a couple years ppl say oh your so nice you wouldnt hurt fly then ill just fuckin snap and if i had a knife i swear id kill someone it scares me
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    i punch things...
    the other day i decided to punch a brick wall...not a good knuckles are still sore..

    3 doors in my house hyave either dents or straight holes due to this..
    i think i have anger issues sometimes, but on the other hand im too compassionate to break someones jaw.

    i think someones really gonna get it though, someday soon.

    edit: for ego centered purposes, not if im in danger.
  16. yeah, when my work called me in today on my day off, that helped alittle. Then working out, skateboarding, biking, physical activity

    or smoking

    or a nap

    or travelling
  17. I usually don't, I tend to bottle up all my emotions and it's really starting to take away from my personality.
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    yeah emotional detachment seems like it works, but the feelings are still there, burried and waiting to come out.

    sometimes i just burry them, sometimes i just snap.

    working out works too in my experience, punching bag being a major plus.
  19. Dude, I feel you. I myself don't wanna KILL someone per se, but sometimes I wouldn't mind beating the shit out of someone who deserves it.
    My shit's bottled up, too. I've been accumulating it for years, and it's kinda seeping out. I've just taken shit for so long and I've been through alot shit. I would just put it all on a shelf and make myself forget about it. Well, that shelf starting to break. It's all good, though. I smoke a bowl and all is well... :hello:

    Oh, and I think laughter is the best medicine. It helps in shitty situations, but just over-do it!

    :eek: :laughing: !!!

    Dude, that's some fucked up shit! Haha!!!
  20. i just just deal with it, eventually get distracted enough to forget about it, and then by the time i remember i'm just like, "fuck it."

    or if i'm really angry, i'll cry. i'm scary stuff when i'm mad! :rolleyes:

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