how do you react when someone tells a bad story

Discussion in 'General' started by metal420, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. We've all had the situation. Someone tells a five minute long story that has an extremely anticlimatic ending.

    I used to just fake laugh but I'm trying this new thing of being completely sincere in my words and actions. What do you do when someone tells a bad story or says something that they think is funny but you don't? In my experience, if you don't fake laugh and stay quiet, it just feels awkward.
  2. "that whole story led up to that, insert joke here, im just messing, anyway great weather out today..."
  3. Relate a similar experience ? Sympathize? Say good luck and wish them their best? All of the above :D

  4. Start laughing about the fact that its a bad story and tell them it was awful, let them laugh with you rather than making it feel awkward. Most girls know the suck at telling stories because im sure all their friends have told them that, so theyll laugh alot more with you abotu it.
  5. stfu windbag!


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